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Tips to Follow a Victorian Christmas Themed Decoration

Christmas is the time for joyous celebration all around the globe. Victorian Christmas traditions have been influencing the way Christmas is being celebrated since the past many years. People today follow these in all their Christmas decorations.

Traditions of carol singing, attending mass, having meals together, exchanging gifts, decorating the Christmas tree etc were pioneered by the Victorians. Victorians loved the art of decorating and they used this art to decorate their house and the Christmas tree in an ornate style. Following are some tips to be kept in mind if you want to follow a Victorian Christmas theme for your decorations.

· Let there be a lot of natural greenery in the hose décor; using boughs of fir and pine along with laurel and magnolia leaves will be just perfect.

· Let there be a lot of fresh fruit and traditional Victorian Christmas goodies such as walnuts, chestnuts, almonds and hazelnuts arranged in sparkling glass bowls between the floral arrangements.

· Use a lot of lace, pearl ropes, satin balls, and miniature bells, ribbon bows to adorn your Christmas tree or drape them around candles.

· Let there be a lot of lighted candles arranged among the flowers and greens; the glow from these create a magical atmosphere at home.

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