UK’s TRA Announces Dream Dozen Christmas Toys for 2017

The Toy Retailers Association has released its Top12 list of toys & games for Christmas. What made the grade and will there be a ‘must-have’ toy this year?

On the 26th October 2017, the UK’s Toy Retailers Association released its annual list of Dream Dozen toys and games for Christmas. This year sees a new Top 12 (the Kid’s Choice Awards), tested and voted for by children, and a special award from parents (the Mum’s Choice Awards). This is the 45th year that the TRA has released its predictions for best-selling seasonal toys. What might be hot this year?

The 2017 Dream Dozen Focuses on Technology

The core Top 12 list this year is again geared towards technology and electronics – this is reflected in the prices of the toys and games which start at £18.99, rising to a hefty £91.99. The interactive figures, Fijit Friends (RRP £54.99), look to be a potential player as a ‘must-have’ toy. Amazon UK is already restricting purchases to three units per household which implies this will be a popular item this Christmas that may well sell out quickly.

Other interactive toys on the list include Lets Rock Elmo (RRP £69.99) and Milky the Bunny (RRP £59.99). There are also four other items with an electronic twist – the Kidizoom Twist digital camera (RRP £49.99), the LeapPad Explorer (RRP £79.99), the Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station (RRP £39.99) and the Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber (RRP £39.99).

Traditional playsets and games are, however, also represented. Three sets made the grade (Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set, RRP £29.99; Moshi Monsters Moshling Tree House Playset, RRP £18.99; and the Lego Ninjago Fire Temple RRP £91.99). Once again, a Nerf gun made the Top 12 (Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, RRP £44.99); but only one game hit the main list this year (Doggie Doo Game, RRP £22.99).

What Made the TRA’s Kid’s and Mum’s Choice Awards?

This year the association tested out the top toys on all their lists to produce a Dream Dozen created by kids. They were asked to rate based on various factors including ‘fun to play’, ‘boredom’, ‘breakability’, ‘play with frIends’ and ‘coolness’. This Top 12 only contained three of the items that made the main list (the LeapPad Explorer, the Nerf gun and Milky the Bunny).

The other nine all made the Top 10 in the TRA’s individual lists (Girls, Boys, Pre-School, Games, Creative, Construction and Cool and Hot). These included some old favourites (Bop-It!, RRP £27.99; Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, RRP £29.99; Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon, RRP £129.99; and a Playmobil Super Racer, RRP £19.99). Kids also rated the new app-based board game, Angry Birds (RRP £19.99) on to this list.

The Mum’s Choice Awards were restricted to picking two toys or games in the pre-school category. The winners here were the Dream Dozen’s Kidizoom digital camera and the Imaginext Batcave (RRP £49,99).

How Accurate is the Dream Dozen?

The Toy Retailers Association represents more than 75% of the UK’s toy trade and its annual Top 12 list has a strong track record of predicting Christmas wish-lists and those toys and games that sell out or become hard to find each year.

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