Traditional Craft Activities for Kids at Easter

Taking part in seasonal craft activities is an excellent way to keep children entertained during the school Spring break. There are a number of traditional activities related to Easter, including the preparation of Easter bonnets and the decorating of eggs.

Make an Easter bonnet

Easter bonnets were traditionally worn by women and children to attend church on Easter Sunday. This tradition has largely lapsed, but some schools and communities still hold Easter bonnet parades. Simple Easter bonnets can be made by customising normal straw or fabric hats. The simple addition of a colourful ribbon to tie the bonnet under the chin can get you started.

Traditional items to attach to Easter bonnets include fresh, dried or tissue paper flowers; and little soft toys especially chicks or rabbits attached using floral wire. Even simpler bonnets can be made using a large paper plate as a base for attaching decorations, or by making a cone out of card.

Decorate an egg

For Christians, the egg symbolises the resurrection of Jesus and a number of egg-related customs are associated with Easter. In the modern world, many people celebrate Easter by giving chocolate eggs as gifts, but other customs also exist including decorating eggs. In order to make a lasting decorated egg, it is first necessary to blow the contents out. Select a large egg and carefully pierce two holes, one in the top and one in the bottom of the egg. Blow the contents of the egg into a bowl gently, then wash and dry the egg ready to be decorated.

Eggs can be decorated by painting with acrylic paint, or by gluing items to the outside using PVA glue. Little bits of coloured foil work well as decorations. Once the egg is dry, paint the whole surface with an acrylic varnish.

Make chocolate nests

Chocolate nests are a favourite Easter treat and are easy enough for the youngest children to help make. Simply melt a bar of cook’s milk chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of hot water. Add shredded wheat to the chocolate and stir to coat. Keep adding the wheat until the desired consistency is reached: the wheat should be thinly coated but still stick together. Spoon the mixture into cake cases, and add sugar-coated mini chocolate eggs to each nest to decorate.

Make an Easter basket

Use an old shoe-box to make a pretty basket for your child’s Easter eggs. Kids love to decorate boxes. Paint the box or stick tissue paper, foil or magazine pictures around the outside. Make a handle by stapling a strip of card across the width of the box. Older children can make tissue paper flowers to decorate the box. Line the box with tissue paper, and add chocolate eggs, maybe with your own decorated eggs as well.

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