Top Toys for Christmas– What to Buy if You Don’t Have Kids

If you don’t have kids but you have friends or relatives that do, Christmas shopping can be your worst nightmare. You need to discover the top toys for Christmas but the thought of walking through the door at ToysRus brings you out in a cold sweat; there could be hundreds if not thousands of kids all under one roof so how on earth will you cope?

The answer is to cheat and use the ToysRus Hot Toy list. Just study the list, pick out the winners and tell the parents which toys you plan to buy. Then simply sit back and order everything online in your very own child-free zone.

Best Christmas Toys for Kids Age 2-4 Years

Here are some of the best Christmas toys for kids age 2 to 4 years taken from the ToysRus Holiday Hot Toy List:

  • Bigfoot the Monster –operated by a foot-shaped remote control that teaches kids via symbols before they can read, Bigfoot has 80 different actions including somersaults and tantrums.
  • Squinkies Cupcake Surprise – a deluxe playset that operates like a coin-operated vending machine; simply insert a coin and out comes a Squinkies surprise, one of the many different squishy pencil tops.
  • Lalaloopsy – pretty rag dolls that are sure to be the 2017 equivalent of the Teletubbies. They come in various different styles to suit the individual child but some styles are already out of stock for shipping so hurry.

Xmas Presents for Girls and Boys Age 5-7 Years

Choose from these predicted winners for slightly older kids age 5-7 years:

  • U-Command Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story fans will love this programmable action man. Exclusive to ToysRus, use the remote control to make Buzz speak, move and fire his laser.
  • Loopz – a fun memory game for young and old as players interact with four semi-circular rings to mimic music and lights movements; the longer you stay in, the faster Loopz goes, teaching hand and eye co-ordination along the way.
  • Minotaurus – a board game constructed from LEGO bricks where players have to navigate a labyrinth to reach a hidden temple.

There are other toys for both of these age groups on the Hot Toy list so don’t panic if the above are already sold out.

Online Shopping at ToyRUs

While online shopping is easy and shipping is free at ToysRus when you spend over $100, present buying should be done as early as possible as the top toys for Christmas are sure to sell out fast. Keep a close eye on the ToysRus website as each toy has a flag telling you whether it is out of stock, either for shipping or in store.

So start planning that toy list and place your order as soon as possible, otherwise your worst nightmare may just come true and you will find yourself buried under a mountain of small children at your local toy store on Christmas Eve.

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