Top Toys for Christmas 2017 for Babies

Looking for a gift to give baby this Christmas? Here are some fun, cool and interesting toys that will delight little ones. The following is a detailed description of the hottest toys for this holiday season, based on a list of products that were tested and selected by moms from

Funky Farmyard Funny Face Mirror

This is a fun colorful rattle made in a bunny or cow design. Babies can look in a child-safe mirror and see themselves with either a bunny or cow nose. The belly of the animal rattles and squeaks and it has a Velcro loop so it can be attached to a stroller or car seat. Skip Hop makes this rattle meant for newborns and older.

Stack and Discover Blocks

This is a set of three soft squishy blocks made by Baby Einstein. The blocks are interesting enough to be played with individually and can also be stacked together. The blocks have something eye-catching on each side, from colorful real-life and cartoon images to numbers. One block has an apple-shaped teether, the second has crinkly sides for making interesting sounds and the third has a butterfly with crinkly movable wings and a chime inside. This toy is designed for kids three months old plus.

First Pops and First Snaps

Made by Alex Toys, these are a funky new take on pop beads. First Pops and First Snaps are two different but similar products, and they both come in a jar of 14 colorful pieces. First Snaps has flower-like pieces with faces on them, where the petal-like parts can interlock with another piece on any side. First Pops comes with five different shapes with different textures that can pop together. These toys are made for six-month-olds and older.

Blocksters Block Spot

This is a great take on the classic block sorter toy. It comes in a compact carry case in either a jungle or farm animal theme with nine different blocks in a variety of shapes such as square, round and triangular. The blocks are colorful and designed as different animals. Some have interactive parts like a wheel that spins around, a mirror to look at and a rattle to shape. When the case is closed, it works as a busy box with built-in activities for baby. When the case is opened, kids can enjoy the blocks and stack them. The case also functions as a shape sorter when it is empty. Playskool makes this toy for kids aged one and up.

Christmas shopping for newborns and babies up to one year old is easy. Funky Farmyard Funny Face Mirror, Stack and Discover Blocks, First Pops and First Snaps and Blockters Block Spot are just some of the top toys of Christmas that parents can buy for their infants.

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