The True Meaning of Easter: Make This Time of Year Memorable for the Whole Family

Easter is coming up quickly. Many of us are out buying baskets, grass, candy, and all kinds of “goodies” to surprise our kids with on Easter morning! It is so much fun to get caught up in the bright colors and cheery decorations that Easter has to offer. But, please do not let this holiday slip away without recognizing its true meaning and passing this on to your children. It is a time of celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. The time when he overcame death and rose to live in heaven forever. And, because He has risen, we Christians have the hope of eternal life. To understand the whole meaning of Easter, it is suggested that you read Matthew 27:11-66/28:1-20. Here you will read about Jesus being brought before Pilate and condemned for a sin he did not commit, his death, burial, and resurrection.

There are some ways that you can make Easter a lot of fun for the whole family, while etching the true meaning in your family’s hearts for all years to come:

  • While making up Easter baskets for your children, you can find a wide variety of Christian items at your local Christian book and gift store. You can find things like Scripture candy, cross chocolates (instead of bunnies), and other Easter novelty toys with inspirational messages. Of course, the traditional basket stuffers are a favorite. Just mix it up a little to help children remember Jesus.
  • Read an Easter storybook together as a family.
  • Use this popular poem as a Devotion on Easter morning, explaining what each verse means (and, of course, have the correct colored jelly beans and a few extras to eat!):

The Jelly Bean Prayer – Written by Charlene Dickensen, 1997

GREEN is for the grassy blade, YELLOW is for the sun God made.

ORANGE is for a flame so bright. BLACK is for our sins not right.

RED is for the blood He gave. WHITE is for Jesus grace. He saved.

PURPLE is for the hours of sorrow. PINK is for a new tomorrow.

A bag of jellybeans, so colourful and sweet, is a promise, a prayer, and a loved one’s treat.

  • Make a family Easter dictionary to remember why we celebrate it. Use words like resurrection, tomb, crucifixion, etc. This way younger children can understand the meanings of these more difficult words.
  • Have a prayer time where everyone in your family takes a turn to pray for anything that has life to remember that Jesus is alive.

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