The 12 Top Selling Toys for Christmas

The definitive list of the hottest toys on the market is out. Every year the Toy Retail Association releases this dream list of the predicted best-selling toys for Christmas. Here’s the official top 12 toys for 2017 which range in price from around £10.00 to £50.00.

Top Toys for Boys

Bakugan Battle Pack (RRP: £19.99): The Bakugan Battle Pack is a strategic board and card game featuring magnetic battle pieces. Inspired by a hit Japanese kids show, the Bakugan Battle Pack is a hugely popular toy this year.

Battle Strikers Starter Set (RRP: £9.99): One of the cheaper gift ideas on the list, the Battle Strikers Starter Kit lets kids battle turbo-charged spinning tops against each other. An old fashioned toy ideaa with a cool, modern twist.

Ben 10 Alien Force Kevin’s DX Action Cruiser (RRP: £29.99): Another toy that’s Inspired by a hit kids’ TV show, the Ben 10 Alien Force Action Cruiser is a toy car that splinters into an array of other toys. A must for young fans of the cartoon.

GX Racers Tightrope Terror (RRP: £22.99): A stunt car and track set, the GX Racers Tightrope Terror features a rip chord operated, gyroscopic car that can race at speed across a tightrope. Ideal for car obsessed kids.

Transformers Movie 2 Voyager Figures (RRP: £22.99): These highly detailed Transformer toys turn into a variety of fantastic vehicles. They also fire missiles amongst other nifty tricks. As ever, the two toys on one theme is a winning formula.

Top Toys for Girls

Bendaroos Mega Pack (RRP: £19.99): A highly popular arts and crafts set, the Bendaroos Mega Pack is ideal for girls with a bit of creative flair and lots of imagination. It’s completely mess free and suitable for ages 5 and up.

Go Go Pet Hamsters (RRP: £9.99): Go Go Pet Hamsters are predicted to be the biggest hit of the year with kids and they’ve been selling like hotcakes. These ingenious toys are the next best thing to having a real pet hamster.

Princess Peppa’s Palace (RRP: £39.99): Princess Peppa’s Palace is a cute doll house style toy for pre-schoolers which is inspired by the highly popular kids show – Peppa the Pig. Will provide hours of fun.

Sylvanian Families Caravan (RRP: 44.99): The hugely popular Sylvanian character toys have proved to be massively popular with young kids. The latest must-have addition to the toy family is the detailed Sylvanian Families Caravan.

Top Toys for Both Boys and Girls

Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera (RRP: £49.99): The Kidizoom is a robust and easy to use digital camera that also records video. Ideal for developing creativity (and for keeping young kids away from expensive grown-up cameras).

Lego Games Minotuarus (RRP:17.99): A clever toy from Lego where kids build a board style game out of Lego pieces. Once built, the game itself is a strategy game involving plenty of skill. Tends to be more popular with boys.

Monopoly City (£24.99): The classic family favourite board game of Monopoly has been given a cool 21st century makeover. In this hi-tech Monopoly City version, players get to build 3 cityscapes on the board.

From pre-schoolers to teenagers, there are plenty of great ideas for Christmas toys for girls and boys on the Toy Association’s Dream List for 2017. Demand for some of these toys has been outstripping supply, so parents should be prepared to shop around for some of the more sought after toys.

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