Sydney Easter Show A GreenEvent: The Sydney Royal Easter Show becomes a GreenEvent

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a huge event with over one million visitors expect6ed to pass through the gates over a 14-day period. The Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) who run the event have a high level of commitment to environmental sustainability and improving the quality of the environment. Each year the RAS minimise the environmental of the show by implementing new and forward thinking strategies.

They have already achieved a great deal and are always working towards a better, cleaner and more environmentally friendly event.

To date they have implemented many strategies including:

– Introduction of a policy of recycling, re-use and reduction of waste

– Minimisation of waste discharged into the air, land and water

– Placement of recycle bins throughout the showgrounds

– Use of environmentally friendly products where possible including recycled toilet paper

– A requirement that all food outlets use recyclable materials in their packaging

– Training of all staff at the show to increase awareness of environmental issues

These strategies have enabled the RAS to recycle approximately 76% of used water, divert about 89% of waste to landfill and recycle over ten thousand litres of cooking oil.

Added to this environmentally aware plan, the RAS also run classes in agricultural sustainability, alternative farming practices and are considering abolishing the non-recyclable plastic showbag from next years Sydney Royal Easter Show.

General Show Information

The Sydney Royal Easter Show provides visitors with a snapshot of rural Australian life by showcasing Australian agriculture at its very best and includes a fun and exciting combination of displays, entertainment, competitions, parades, fireworks and activities.


April 5th-14th

Where Is The Show Held?

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is held at the Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney Olympic Park.

Getting There

There is easy access to the Sydney Royal Easter Show by car or public transport. The show attracts many visitors and public transport is by far the easiest, fastest and least aggravating way to travel.


Adult AU$31.00

Concessions AU$25.50

Child AU$21.50

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