Sears Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Sears consumers reviews form the basis for this selection of hot toys for the coming Christmas season. None of these toys were selected by the Canadian Toy Council as “best bets;” only parent ratings were considered for this review.

These are toys that parents have picked and recommended for factors such as price, durability, play value. All toys are as presented on the Sears Canada website. Prices are Sears online shopping price in Canadian dollars without tax.

Barbie Holiday Light-Haired Doll (5 stars)

Mattel offers this “holiday tradition” doll once again. Holiday Barbies have been around for some 20 years for kids to play with and adults to collect. The 2017 version:

  • Comes in both blonde and brunette
  • Features a white gown with a studded red/gold bodice; accents include a red wrap, matching headpiece and ribbons.
  • $39.99
  • For ages 6+

Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen (5 stars)

This play set is “designed to engage babies and teach them motor, music, academic skills as they grow.” A fridge doubles as a shape sorter; a flip book shows foods and colors; stove offers stack and move play. Plays 15 songs.

  • $49.99
  • Ages 6 to 36 months
  • Batteries included

Littlest Pet Shop® Rescue Centre Playset (5 stars)

New to Sears, this latest set in the popular Hasbro line comes with a dalmatian and three baby bunnies, plus clinic, ambulance and x-ray machine. Lights and sound for effects.

  • ages 4+
  • Batteries included
  • $39.99

Pelican Deluxe Baby Sled (5 stars)

A modern version of a perennial favorite, this plastic sled features a removable clear plastic weather shield with a zippered opening for easy entry and exit, as well as an “ergonomic seat and high backrest.” Comes complete with safety harness and pull rope.

  • $34.99
  • For ages 6 months & up
  • Supports up to 30 lbs ( kg).

Manufacturer recommends safety equipment & helmet and use under adult supervision only.

Millside Convertible Wagon/Sleigh (4 stars)

Of a more traditional design than the Pelican sled above, this four-season toy comes with runners for winter and hard plastic wheels for the rest of the year.

  • $129.99
  • removable sides
  • fold-under handle for storage
  • hardwood construction
  • supports up to 300 lb
  • ages 3 years and up
  • adult supervision required

Reviewers state that:

  • the unit is well-built and sturdy (as it should be for the price)
  • the included narrow tire wheels are noisy and suitable only for smooth surfaces
  • sled runners are hard to pull in more than a few inches of snow

Available pneumatic tires recommended, $49.95. Bottom and side pads also available, $49.95.

Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse (3.5 stars)

At 3.5 stars (out of five) and a high price, this 12-room house with family figures almost didn’t make the cut, especially since the parent reviews include complaints of parts falling off and stickers unpeeling.

  • $129.95
  • uses hints, prompts, songs and sounds to teach kids about positive behaviour
  • bilingual switch to change from English to French
  • batteries included
  • ages 3 years and up

However, the reviews also include comments such as these, which made the dollhouse worth including in this review.

  • “the most used toy in my house”
  • “a great toy for my daughter and very popular with her friends”
  • “a joy to watch my daughter use her imagination as she plays with it”

Christmas toys are expensive, so using ratings from other parents may be one way to help choose good value.

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