Santa Claus Star of Frontier Christmas Concert

The Christmas concert at Flying Shot in 1929 was one stop on Santa’s route that year. Students did recitations, and one young school teacher played and sang Moonlight Lullaby for the community, but the real star of the event was the particularly cheerful Santa who was traveling from concert to concert sharing the Christmas spirit with exceptional enthusiasm.

Details of the Christmas Concert at Flying Shot in 1929

Everyone in the school took part in the concert which was covered in detail for the local newspaper. Much credit for the success of the evening was given to the main organizers Mrs. Lucky and Miss Grimmet. The evening was composed of recitations, drills, and songs performed by the students and their teachers.

  • “There were a number of recitations, Lois Tissington sang the “Moonlight Lullaby”, and Elsie Hugel and Lois Tissington sang, “Two Little Maids.”
  • “Two choruses by the school were sung very nicely and in a two part scene from ‘William Tell’ the boys did their respective parts very well.”
  • “A very amusing drill given by the girls of the school made a big hit.”

Jovial Santa Claus was the Main Attraction

The paper reported, “Santa Claus was of course, the chief attraction for the kiddies and there was a regular stampede when his sleigh bells were heard. Santa must have had a good trip out, for was in an especially jovial mood. He said that was the night on which he was privileged to kiss each young lady as he presented her with a gift — and he surely made use of his privilege. What a blessing it is that Santa does not have a jealous body at home to worry about him. We hear he was very much in demand this year, and I wonder if he had as much fun wherever he went. He would certainly be a tired old Santa if he had.”

Christmas Concert at Flying Shot Was a Social Networking Site in 1920s

In 1929 Christmas concerts like the one at Flying Shot were social networking sites for the young homesteaders of the Peace River Country. Concerts gave them an opportunity to share their talents and to reconnect with friends throughout the district. It also gave at least one eligible bachelor the chance to meet and greet all the young ladies of the district as he handed out their Christmas presents.

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