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Santa Claus- The Legendary Father Christmas Figure

Christmas is synonymous with Santa Claus, both go together. It is Santa Claus who still remains the source of excitement to kids all around the world. The fact of Santa Claus coming down from the North Pole on his reindeer drawn sleigh and leaving them their desired gifts makes them earnestly wait for Christmas time.

For years together kids hang their stockings at the edge of their bed or by the fireplace before going to sleep on Christmas Eve. Truly this white bearded, rotund, jolly old figure of Santa has become the patron saint of kids all over the globe.

The origin of Santa has been immersed in many legends, myths and folklore. The Dutch version of ‘Sinterklaas’ became very popular, with the name of Santa Claus being said to be derived from the same. Young kids however, find faith in the fact that their Santa descends down their chimney coming as he does from the North Pole and deposits gifts at their door-step every year.

At the same time they are thrilled to see Santa come alive with his white flowing beard, distributing candy and sweets in retail stores and malls days before the approach of Christmas. And what joy they get to receive those personally from their favourite father figure!

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