Romantic Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend

No matter what her interests are, when it’s time for gift giving during the holidays, look for something special that will let her know you had her in mind. Pay attention to all hints and do a little snooping to surprise her with the perfect gift. If she isn’t forthcoming with suggestions, pull one or two of her friends aside and ask for help. Most people enjoy being in on a pleasant surprise.

Romantic Gifts

Most women enjoy the thought that goes behind romantic gifts from their boyfriends. Look for anything that highlights a special aspect of your relationship. One idea is to give her a souvenir from the place where you met. Or you might consider having something engraved with a phrase you share or a song you enjoy. The ultimate romantic gift is an engagement ring, but be as sure as possible she’ll accept before you take this giant leap.

Other romantic gift ideas:

  • silver or gold heart pendant with your names engraved on the back
  • jewelry box with a necklace or bracelet inside
  • charm bracelet filled with charms that bring back memories
  • photo album with pictures of the two of you as a couple

Practical Presents

If your girlfriend is practical, she’ll appreciate something to make her life easier. You may want to consider an appliance she might have mentioned or something to help organize her life, but if you do this, include something special to make her heart flutter. Just make sure you find a way to add the romantic element so she knows how special she is to you.

Practical gift ideas:

  • jewelry box with organizers for her favorite pieces
  • satellite radio for her car or home
  • MP3 player filled with her favorite songs
  • gift cards to her favorite stores
  • a collection of scarves to enhance her wardrobe

Techno Girl Gifts

Many women love all the latest technology. If your girlfriend is in this category, find out what she wants but doesn’t yet have. There’s always something new coming out, so pay close attention and talk to the salespeople at her favorite store to find out if anything is being introduced for the holidays.

Gadgets she’ll love:

  • latest digital camera
  • multi-device charger for all her electronics
  • collection of flash drives

Gifts for the Athletic Woman

If your favorite woman is into any type of sport, find something to enhance her enjoyment. Listen carefully, and she may give you a wish list to make your gift giving easier.

Gift ideas for your athletic girlfriend include:

  • engraved tennis racket
  • golf club – sand wedge, putter, iron or driver
  • backpack with a water bottle, timer, sunscreen, snack packs and other items that are appropriate for her favorite sport

Fashion Gifts

Your girlfriend might be a fashionista, so give her something to let her know you appreciate her sense of style. It’s important to know her favorite designers, colors and patterns before you go shopping for this woman.

Favorite gift ideas for the fashionista:

  • designer handbag
  • accessories to accent her favorite outfit
  • gift cards to her favorite stores

This holiday season give your girlfriend the gift that lets her know you are thinking specifically about what she wants and loves. It doesn’t matter if she’s romantic, sporty, practical, technology minded or a fashionista, you’ll want to show her you’ve been paying attention to her specific tastes.

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