Making Altered Easter Eggs: A Kid’s Fun and Creative Craft Project for Easter

Both children and adults alike enjoy decorating Easter eggs. There are so many different kinds of Easter-egg coloring and decorating kits available in stores these days that options are limitless. There are, however, more unusual options when it comes to decorating Easter eggs.

This project involves a lesson in altering objects. This mixed-media art project is great if you have a play date, if you are throwing an Easter party, or if you are having a spring-themed birthday party. The following materials will be needed for this project:

  1. White eggs
  2. Placemats or sheets of cardboard the same size
  3. An egg dying kit (choose just a plain dye kit, not a fancy sparkly or sticker kit)
  4. Permanent markers (be sure to supervise the use of these markers because they are difficult to clean)
  5. Decoupage medium
  6. Plenty of containers of water
  7. Sponge brushes
  8. Glitter glue
  9. Easter themed stickers
  10. Easter themed clip art
  11. Scissors


  1. Make a pinhole at the top and bottom of each egg and then blow all the yolk out of each one. (Then, bake a cake!) Be sure there are enough eggs for each child to decorate six.
  2. Set up each workspace so there is a placemat, an egg container section containing six eggs, egg dyes, a small container of water, scissors, glitter glue, and markers. In the center of the table, place the Easter-themed embellishments and decoupage medium to share.
  3. Follow the directions that came with the kits, dye the eggs. Be sure they have dried completely before moving on to the next step. Using a heat gun or a hair dryer can speed up this process.
  4. Add Easter-themed stickers and layer over some Easter-themed clip art.
  5. Doodle over the embellishments with markers and glitter glue.
  6. Glaze over the entire egg with decoupage medium to seal the project. Allow to dry completely. Try glazing the top half first, and then the bottom so the eggs will not stick in the drying container.

This will be a messy project, so it might be a good idea to either use artists’ aprons or old T-shirts. If there is not enough time to work on all six eggs in one sitting, try spreading this project over the span of several days. This will allow for the opportunity to bring this lesson to the children more than once. You could also encourage the children to create pictures about what they learned decorating the eggs, as well. Let the door of creative moments and learning opportunities open and walk right through!

Note: There are markers available specifically for egg decoration. Speak to your craft store about this option.

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