Make Frankenstein Easter Eggs: Use Eggshells to Make Whimsical Creatures

Creating funny faces on eggs and growing whimsical green hair for them is an amusing Easter craft that could double as a fun science or gardening project that teaches children about how seeds sprout and grow.

Supplies for Making a Frankenstein Easter Egg

  • Eggshells
  • Wheat seed or grass seed
  • Permanent markers


  1. When cracking eggs to save for this project, try to crack them near the narrow end so the opening is smaller and the most possible shell is saved.
  2. To clean the eggshells, use hot water and run the finger around the inside of the egg. The hot water will “cook” the lining of the eggshell and you can pull the ‘skin’ out with your fingers. Note: It is important to remove all of the egg membrane from the shell; otherwise the seed may grow mold and possibly not sprout.
  3. Allow the shells to dry completely.
  4. Use permanent markers to draw faces on the eggs. It is important to use permanent markers. Water-soluble markers will wash away if they get wet or they will fade because of the dampness of the germinating seeds.
  5. Fill the shells about a third full with wheat seed. Do not fill them more than half full. The wheat absorbs water and expands before it sprouts. Once it sprouts the roots need room. It doesn’t take long for the wheat to expand and fill the entire egg and even begin to crack the egg if the shell is weak.
  6. Water the seeds so that water comes to the level of the seeds but doesn’t cause them to start floating.
  7. Keep wheat seed damp and watch it sprout. The egg monster will have a shocking head of hair in just a few days.

Ideas and Suggestions for Sprouting Craft

Check out other useful tips when creating fun crafts.

  • Wheat seed can be found at health food and organic food stores.
  • Use lentils instead of wheat seed.
  • A small funnel may make it easier to get the seed into the eggshell and to water the seed.
  • Another sprouting craft or project is a St Patrick’s Day Potato-Head using wheat seed and a potato.
  • Use the same concept to make a Halloween monster using a miniature pumpkin and wheat seed for the hair.
  • Need a display stand for the Frankenstein egg? Cut a ring from a roll of toilet paper, decorate it and put the creation on it.
  • Make a whole Frankenstein Easter Egg Monster family and give them a home in an old egg carton.
  • A different sort of Easter Egg project using real eggshells are these Adorable Spring Chicks.

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