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Expressing Christmas Sentiments thru Christmas Poems

Poetry is a powerful medium to express one’s feelings and emotions. What better way therefore to express the sense of joy, gratitude, enjoyment, appreciation felt during the Christmas season than by writing a Christmas poem!

Expressing Christmas sentiments in the form of poems can take several forms such as religious poems, humorous, ballads, sonnets etc. A little about each is given below.

If you want to write a religious poem then it can be written in the form of a prayer. Here, more importance is emphasized on expressing the significance of Christmas, birth of Christ, how Jesus uplifted mankind and so on. Rhyming takes a backseat in this case. Religious poems can be written in a light hearted manner too and this is effective if the words rhyme with one another.

A third attempt can be made by writing the Christmas poem in the form of a ballad. A ballad should be able to tell a story using lots of vivid descriptions and action verbs. A ballad is composed of stanzas with the second and fourth lines rhyming with one another. Sonnets on the other hand are poems which are normally fourteen lines long and summarize the poem’s meaning in the end.

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