Introduce Holiday Romance into Your Relationship This Christmas

For many people the Christmas season flies by in a hustle and bustle of decorating, entertaining, and gift buying. Spouses, significant others, and romance are all too often put on the back burner as we scramble to get everything ready in time.

Bring Romance into Your Holiday Preparations

Preparing for the upcoming holiday season can often be very stressful and financially challenging. Stress and money issues are not generally the best things to spark romance in a relationship; however with a little ingenuity you can keep romance alive and well in your relationship.

Decorating the House

Light the scented holiday candles, pour the wine, and share the fun of putting up the Christmas tree, untangling the lights, and finding and replacing non-working bulbs. After the work is done, spend some time admiring your handiwork, as well as each other.

Buying Gifts

Share the fun of shopping for family and friends. Discuss what gifts to buy, and for whom. Go shopping together, enjoy yourselves, share a rest break from shopping with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, or perhaps enjoy a well deserved romantic dinner after the shopping is finished.

Entertaining or Attending Holiday Parties

Attend holiday events, work Christmas parties, and other festivities, as a couple whenever possible. Enjoying parties and entertaining friends is a wonderful way to be close to that special someone even in a crowded room.

Heat Up Your Romantic Evening with a Warm and Cozy Fire in the Fireplace

A warm crackling fireplace, a chilled bottle of wine, and a loving couple is all the ingredients you need to spend a cozy and romantic evening at home. If you don’t have a fireplace, a virtual fireplace cd can be purchased from many local retail stores very inexpensively. Pop in the CD and enjoy!

Wrapping Gifts

Depending on the size of your family, and the amount of gifts you buy, wrapping those gifts can seem a daunting endeavor. Do the wrapping together. Make wrapping the gifts you so painstakingly picked out and purchased a shared chore. Once the wrapping is done, reward yourselves with some quality time together. Watch a holiday themed romantic comedy, take a drive around town and enjoy viewing other peoples outside Christmas lights and decorations, or simply stay home and do a little cuddling on the couch.

Keep Romance in All Your Holiday Plans

Keeping romance in your relationship, especially during the hectic holiday season, is very important. Sharing the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and parties, are great ways to spend that special quality time together while capitalizing on the magic that Christmastime seems to inspire in all of us.

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