Indoor Party Games for Easter-Themed Kids’ Birthday

It’s easy to incorporate the Easter spirit in a kid’s birthday party with these 5 fun indoor party game ideas that are sure to please the under-8 crowd.

Common birthday party games are fun for the kids and can be even more fun for parents to organize. It is easy for kids whose birthdays fall near major holidays to get lost within the holiday preparations and celebrations. Not so if, with some effort, the holiday celebrations are incorporated into the birthday celebrations.

Party games lend themselves fabulously to minor tweaks with a little imagination and ingenuity, without sacrificing any of the fun. Here are 5 Easter-themed party games ideas that are entertaining for young children and simple to put together for parents or the party organizers.

Passing the Easter Parcel

The traditional Passing the Parcel game can be played among kids numbering more than 4 and caters to various kid age ranges. Kids pass around a gaily wrapped parcel to the beats of peppy music until the music stops. The child who happens to be holding the parcel at the instant the music stops gets to unwrap it to reveal a small gift.

For ease, the winning child can be made to choose a token from an Easter basket while the wrapped parcel can be re-used to continue the game. Token gifts can range from egg rattles for little ones to bunny tattoos for older kids. To allow each kid to be able to “open” a present, wrap the same base parcel (e.g., a small box) in many layers of paper, each layer peeling off to reveal a sticker or a tattoo. Opening presents as part of a game is always a hit, no matter the age of the guests.

Pin the Easter Dots

An Easter twist on the classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Easter Dots is a fun and easy game, sure to elicit tons of laughter and delighted squeals, especially from younger children. Cut out a large egg from white chart or construction paper and tape it to the wall. Have various kinds of decorations ready to be “pinned” onto the paper egg.

Stickers, pom poms with sticky backing, fabric flower cutouts, are all valid choices for decorations as long as they have glue backing that will stick on the paper egg. Each child is then blindfolded, allowed to choose a decoration and pin it on the wall mounted egg. Watch as the kids find hilarity in their “mistakes” or try to confuse their playmates. Bonus: clean up is a snap with no harm done to either your walls or the kids’ egos.

Prehistoric Egg Hunt

Egg hunts never get old. Kids hunt down eggs every year and eagerly await another year of more hunting. Make this classic Easter game more fun without the stress of extra sugar (that nobody needs in addition to the birthday cake) by hiding “Dig for Fossils” kits instead of candy eggs. Available at many craft stores, these kits include a small ceramic egg, a pair of plastic tweezers and a tiny hammer. Children can indulge their own paleontologist fantasies by cracking the egg bit by bit to reveal a tiny dinosaur or other fossil figurine. For a low-key party this kit in itself can form the whole or part of the loot bag.

Who Has the Easter Egg?

This is a totally fun game to play with the 4-6 year crowd. All kids sit in a circle. One child at a time is chosen to be the Easter bunny and taken out of the room. One child in the circle is then made to sit on a toy egg while the “bunny” is absent. Once the circle is resettled, the “bunny” returns to the chants of “Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, who has your egg?” The “bunny” then gets three chances to guess which child the egg is hidden under.

Once the offender is revealed, that child gets to be the bunny and leave the room. Most children get a kick out of pointing fingers at their friends and extra hilarity usually ensues if a child guesses correctly. Young “offenders” are usually all too eager to confess their crime, so to speak, making this game quite entertaining for the observing adults.

Spoon-Egg Race

Similar to the Lemon-Spoon Race, each child gets a spoon and a plastic egg. At a signal, children walk or run from Point A to Point B with their egg nestled in their spoon, the objective being to reach Point B first. However, the trick is for the egg to remain in the spoon. A child is disqualified as soon as the egg tumbles. For younger kids, balancing the spoon with the egg in their hand is challenging enough. Older kids can be made to carry the spoon in their mouth.

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