Holiday Weather Predictions: Will There be Snow on Christmas Eve?

Will there be snow on Christmas? Stories and songs have been written about a white Christmas, but what are your chances of waking up to a Christmas full of presents, snow, and hot chocolate? Find out with these online Christmas weather prediction tools.

White Christmas Probability Map

One of the best tools to find Christmas weather in the United States is the U.S. White Christmas Probability Map from The Weather Channel’s online forecast map considers any area that has “at least one inch of snow on the ground on Christmas morning” as a White Christmas. The data on the map is based on historic probability based on how much snow fell on Christmas Eve in previous years, but as Christmas gets closer, the map updated and made more specific for the current year.

The regional weather map allows users to choose weather for a specific area of the United States. You can click on your general area of the country and the map will focus on predictions for just that region of the country. Since everyone is asking, “Will we have a white Christmas?” there is also a national weather map to show weather history and weather predictions for snow.

The Weather Channel says a rule of thumb is that if you have snow in mid-December, you will probably have it Christmas morning. In “Chances for a White Christmas,” Meteorologist Tim Ballisty says that, “areas in Northeast/mid-Atlantic have a growing chance” of seeing snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

International Christmas Weather Prediction Tool

AccuWeather has a weather prediction tool that will give weather forecasts for up to 15 days, so starting December 10, it can be used to predict if there will be snow on Christmas. Although it is not specifically oriented for Christmas weather reports, the online weather tool will give forecasts for the United States, Canada, and the UK and Ireland.

To see Christmas snow predictions for the United States, use the US City Forecast tool. After you have chosen your city, use the “Forecast” drop-down menu to choose month or week forecasts, depending on the date. You can also see the precipitation forecast to see if there will be snow on Christmas eve.

If you are looking for Christmas snow predictions for Canada, use the AccuWeather Canada online weather tool. Choose your city and province, and then the “quick look” feature has up to 15 days of weather predictions. You have to click on the tabs above the default report, which is for current weather conditions.

Is there going to be snow on Christmas in England? Find out with the AccuWeather forecast tool for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. You can enter your city or your postcode and AccuWeather will show up to 15 days of weather predictions. You can also switch between English and metric reporting options.

If you are looking for some Christmas cheer, try looking at weather conditions and forecasts for the North Pole from Along with tracking Santa’s journey, watching the weather report for the North Pole and seeing the weather reports that Weather Channel gives for Santa’s workshop is a fun way to pass the time until Christmas morning.

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