Funny Christmas Sayings For Kids

Use an Apt Christmas Sayings for Every Occasion

Christmas sayings play an important role in making an individual’s day special in many respects. A short Christmas saying embroidered on a felt Christmas card, stocking or gift tags goes a long way in adding your personal touch to the item.

A Christmas felt card which has a ‘Jingle All the Way’ saying embroidered and small golden bells crafted along with it will brighten the day of any recipient. Use of Christmas sayings is not restricted to mere Christmas cards; they can be embossed, stitched, printed or painted on coffee mugs, wood crafts, T-shirts, ribbons, Christmas jewellery, hand-towels and used on scrapbooks, web pages, photo frames; the list is just endless.

You can lend a personal touch to your dinner table by hand-writing Christmas sayings unique to each guest on a decorative base meant as take-away gifts for them. You can encourage your kids to make Christmas cards at home and paint a Christmas saying that will go with the art and craft displayed by them on the card. There are many short sayings that will suit their purpose. Retail store owners can make use of appropriate Christmas sayings in their banners and highlight their storefronts, entrances, halls, booths etc.

You just need to use your imagination to decide the most apt Christmas saying for the situation.

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