Free Kids’ Craft Activities for Easter Holidays: Easy Crafts Ideas for Gift Baskets, Wreaths & Coloring Printables

As the Easter holidays approach, it’s a great idea to start planning some easy craft activities to keep younger children amused throughout the two week break from school. One simple way to occupy kids is to arrange a selection of easy crafts with an Easter theme.

Examples of Craft Activities for the Easter Holidays

It’s easy enough to start organising and downloading a collection of craft activities for Easter and children will adore the idea of making gift baskets for grandparents, relatives or close friends and creating their own Easter wreaths to decorate the home.

Creating a holiday book or folder by downloading a selection of free Easter coloring outlines, printable coloring books or famous cartoon character printables is a great way of preparing for the holiday in advance.

All of the crafts ideas described here have instructions that are available to download free and pictures of the finished items, furthermore the linked websites offer a larger range of craft activities, cookery recipes and online games that can also be utilised through the holidays.

Download Free Easter Coloring Outlines, Printables, Puzzles & Wordsearches

A ready-made holiday booklet or folder with a collection of different images and outlines to color in, wordsearches and puzzles will keep kids occupied for a while. Free printables can be downloaded and printed off in color or black and white so they are readily accessible to kids during the Easter holidays.

There is a vast range of coloring pages available and seasonal images include Easter eggs, chicks, bunnies and religious outlines. Most sites will also have a range of coloring pictures of famous cartoons and popular images too, so it’s fairly easy to create a holiday activity booklet.

Decorate the Home with Easter Wreaths

The wreaths described here are an easy crafts activity which younger children will enjoy, particularly if working with a group. There are downloadable templates provided and examples of the completed wreaths are also pictured.

  • Easter Bunny wreath – Suitable for ages 4+ this is a simple and colorful card, construction paper and coloring activity. Ability to use scissors and glue required.
  • Bunnies & Eggs wreath or Crosses Wreath – Suitable for age 3+, this wreath uses a paper plate as a base and needs only paper, coloring pens and pencils, scissors and glue. The templates for the bunnies, eggs and crosses are downloadable in either color or black and white. Some use of scissors required
  • Further examples of wreaths that children can make include a Handprints Wreath, which can be made by children aged two upwards, or more complex wreaths using wire coat hangers and toilet rolls for kids age 6+

Instructions and templates for making the above wreaths are available on the DLTK website, which also contains a range of Easter crafts activities and downloads for children. Many of the handmade Easter crafts that DLTK illustrate on their website would also be a fantastic addition to a homemade Easter gift basket.

Make Easter Gift Baskets for Grandparents, Relatives & Friends

Even pre-school children can make their own Easter gift baskets for grandparents, relatives and friends with the easy gift basket ideas listed below:

  • A simple and re-usable idea for an Easter gift basket with a difference is to paint and decorate a terracotta flower pot. Kids age 2+ can decorate their own plant pot and all that’s needed is a range of acrylic paints and brushes
  • Older children and supervised pre-school kids will love weaving their own Easter gift baskets with strips of cloth, colored papers or streamers. There is a template provided and also detailed instructions for dying the fabric. It’s not really necessary to use fabric though, colored paper streamers are a great alternative to use for making this basket and will be much easier for younger children
  • Further gitt baskets to make include milk carton bunny baskets, which are an easy activity and great for preschool kids. There is no real need to cover the milk carton with construction paper, as it can easily be painted with acrylic paints.

Instructions and templates for making the homemade gift baskets above are all available on the FamilyFun website. The site also has a range of Easter crafts that can be incorporated into the basket as gifts.

Presents to Put in an Easter Gift Basket

Selecting gifts for the Easter gift baskets does not have to be expensive. Relatives and friends will adore a selection of handmade crafts with a card or poem. An inexpensive addition to the baskets would be to bulk purchase a selection of mini chocolate eggs, candies and bath soaps or crystals. Or why not consider a small bunch of bright seasonal flowers, such as daffodils or tulips?

Children will really enjoy these craft activities either before or during the Easter holidays and the websites linked here have some great ideas for more crafts to make that can be added to the gift baskets or used as activities to while away a few hours in the holiday.

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