Free Easter Stencils for Fun Decorating: Great Arts and Crafts With Bunny, Basket, and Egg Stencils

Easter is a great holiday. Children wake up early in the morning looking forward to a great basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny with Cadbury Eggs, marshmallow Peeps, and, of course, a chocolate bunny.

Local communities often chip in hosting their own Easter egg hunts, letting parents get out among friends while their children have a blast.

But Easter doesn’t have to be just one day of fun, games, and candy. It can start the week before.

Decorating for Easter, Like Christmas, is Part of the Fun

Every Christmas season many families begin to put up their lights as early as Thanksgiving. While it’s another story that some leave them up until the Fourth of July, the point is that decorating is part of the family fun in sharing holidays together.

Children should be able to look forward to contributing to the Easter season not just by finding all the eggs that contain the best candy and money but by helping make and put up the decorations.

This can be done with stencils that will employ them in the process.

Don’t Buy Stencils, Get Them Free Online

Parents know that arts and crafts boxes become bins, and those bins can overflow with the well-intended purchases of the great many items that may or may not only get used once, such as markers that don’t ruin the carpet and sparkling glue that can also be a paint.

For this reason, it is best just to print off some stencils from kids’ websites and let them be used until they are no longer needed. Afterwards, they can be discarded.

Other Great Disposable Decorating Ideas

For an idea even simpler than stencils, parents can simply print off coloring pages, have the kids paint or color them, and keep them until they become too tattered to decorate with.

For the sake of maintaining them as keepsakes, one or two can be laminated, allowing for its use to be made over and over again.

But before printing off any pages, it could be a wise idea to dig into that arts and crafts bin and see if there are any Easter coloring books laying around just waiting to be put to use.

Using stencils, print outs, and coloring book pages is great not because of the savings, which are minimal really, but because when the whole family enjoys a holiday over the course of a week, it makes the memories last longer and the traditions richer.

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