Families Can Save Money on Post Christmas Sales

Families can take advantage of post Christmas sales and save a lot of money. Many department and retail stores are placing items from winter clothes to cookware on clearance during the months of December and January.

What’s on Sale After Christmas?

During the months of December and January, the following items can be purchased on sale or clearance:

  • Christmas decorative items, wrapping paper, lights, etc.
  • Winter clothes and coats
  • Cookware
  • Gift sets (food and beauty items)
  • Computers and laptops
  • Bedding
  • Game systems (systems that are a year or older)
  • Toys
  • Health and beauty items sold at specialized stores (i.e. Bath & Body Works, Body Shop, Ulta, etc)

Consider Options – Where to Shop Post Christmas

After knowing which items to look for, it is important for families to consider possible options on where to purchase the needed items. Families can purchase items from retail stores (i.e. Target, Kmart, Shopko, Walmart, etc.), discount stores (i.e. Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.), consignment stores, or online websites. It is important to compare prices (don’t forget to include the cost of shipping and handling when ordering online), and look into return policies (some stores will not accept returns on items that were identified as clearance or sale items).

Some stores, such as Lands’ End, will provide a long-term return offer. This type of offer is not provided by many stores, especially when dealing with clothing. Sometimes the clothing will cost a little more, even when on sale, but would be worth the extra cost if the clothing item could be replaced for free. If a family has multiple children, especially multiple children of the same gender, this return policy could save a family a lot of money in the future.

Save Even More Money

There are ways for families to save even more money during post Christmas sales. Listed below are additional ways to save money when purchasing post Christmas items:

  • Use store coupons (check weekly store ads and store’s online website)
  • Use manufactured coupons (this can be applied to some clothing and children’s toys)
  • Combine store coupons and manufactured coupons
  • Use coupon codes for additional percentage or amount off for online purchases
  • Use coupon codes for free shipping for online purchases
  • Ask store employees when items are reduced (i.e. clearance discount from 50% to 75%)

Families need to remember, especially when on a tight budget, to purchase only items that will be truly used (i.e. some parents will buy toys after Christmas and save for upcoming birthdays or next Christmas). If a family purchases something that will not be used, money is not being well spent.

It is also important to note that not all families will have the same access to a wide array of stores. Knowing which stores are available as well as how to take advantage of website deals can help. Families can save a lot of money when taking advantage of post Christmas sales during the months of December and January by using coupons, comparing prices, and using coupon codes for online purchases.

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