Easy Easter Crafts for Kids: Fun Springtime Crafts and Projects

Easter is a time of the year when eggs, chicks, lambs and bunnies are the most popular. Springtime and rebirth are among the most common themes, with baby animals being born, flowers poking through the ground and reaching for the sun. There are endless ideas to get the kids involved in celebrating spring and the Easter holiday. Easter provides many themes and ideas to work with that involve simple materials and lots of fun!

Easy Easter Crafts

Children of all ages enjoy using their hands and creating. The following crafts are easy, adaptable to any age, and require materials that one most likely already has at home. Parental supervision is always recommended when doing any craft with the level of involvement depending on the age of the child.

Giant Foil Egg

This easy craft works well with children 3 years and up, and allows the child to be creative with her designs. Parents may need to assist with cutting pipe cleaners.

What is needed:

  • light cardboard (cereal box is ideal)
  • aluminum foil
  • pipe cleaners
  • permanent markers
  • scotch tape
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ribbon

Cut a large egg out of cardboard, at least 30 cm long. Make a design on the egg using pipe cleaners; circles, lines, zigzags. Let glue dry. Once glue is dry carefully cover the egg with aluminum foil. Press foil down over the pipe cleaners so that the design shows through clearly. Tape foil in place on the back of the egg. Use the markers to color in or around the designs on the foil to make them stand out. Glue the ribbon in a loop at the top of the egg to hang. Let completely dry before hanging.

Fluffy Pinecone Chick

This adorable little chick is completed in steps, but is well worth the waiting time in between. Children 3 years and up can easily complete this craft with parent help.

What is needed:

  • large fat pinecone
  • pencil
  • yellow paint and paintbrush
  • fiberfill (cotton batting)
  • felt scraps in white, blue, orange, yellow
  • green construction paper
  • Easter grass
  • glue
  • scissors

Paint the pinecone yellow and let it dry. Once dry, wrap the pinecone in thin layer of fiberfill. Use pencil to poke the fluff between the scales of the pinecone. From the felt scraps cut out wings, a beak and eyes and glue them onto the body. Cut a 10cm circle out of the green construction paper and glue the Easter grass on top. Then glue the pinecone chick onto the middle of the grass.

Handprint Lamb

This extremely easy craft is lots of fun and a great keepsake of a child’s growing hand. Children 2 years and up can easily complete this craft. Kids will love using the popcorn for the fleece of the lamb, with leftovers making a great snack when the craft is done.

What is needed:

  • construction paper (any color)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • popped popcorn
  • glue
  • crayons or markers

Using the pencil, trace the child’s hand on the construction paper. Make sure that fingers are spread wide apart for easy tracing. Cut out the traced hand and turn it upside down. Using crayon or marker draw the lamb’s face on the thumb of the handprint. The child may add other details such as an ear, or shade in feet for hoofs. Glue the popped popcorn onto the palm of the hand for the fluff of the lamb. Let dry completely before moving.

Easter Crafts for All Ages

Crafts are wonderful ways to be creative and use one’s imagination. Children can often offer new ideas and ways of doing things that an adult may not have thought of. Be flexible when doing crafts with kids, they do not have to turn out exactly like the prototype. Remember it is their creation and the adult is there to help them be successful. If the child is happy with the completed project then that is what matters.

Most crafts can be adapted for any age level and ability. It is important to identify what is appropriate for the age of the child and if certain parts need to be completed by an adult. Using one’s imagination can create fun and success for everyone, and make the Easter holiday that much more enjoyable.

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