Easter Egg Decorating Party: Painting Eggs with Friends and Family

Easter eggs are a traditional symbols of Spring and the Easter season. Families everywhere get out the food coloring tablets, vinegar, and plastic cups to begin the creative process. This year, invite friends over to decorate Easter eggs together. The kids will have a great time with friends and with multiple adults there, clean up is easy.

When planning a party around the holidays, be aware that families may have many other commitments around this time. Try to give advance notice as soon as possible, and don’t be disappointed if people can not attend. This party can be held with a group of friends or family members and there is no minimum or maximum number of guests.

Invite Friends Over for the Easter Party

Call, email, or mail invitations out to invite people to the party. Be sure to include an R.S.V.P. option to make planning easier. Because this party is a group effort, when people call or email their confirmation of attendance, give them an opportunity to choose one of the supplies below to bring to the party as well as a snack or drink to share. This makes it easier for the host or hostess who is offering his or her home as the event location.

Gather the Easter Egg Supplies

The number of supplies needed will depend on the number of kids decorating Easter eggs. One idea would be to have each family bring two decorating kits to share with everyone. For the best variety, try to have everyone bring a different type of kit. Some kits contain primary colors and some contain pastels. Some kits come with egg covers that shrink when put into boiling water.

As another idea, have each family bring a different kind of embellishment. Crayons, stickers, dyes and wraps can each be purchased separately. One of the biggest benefits of this type of party is the variety of decorating the kids get to do without it costing any one family a large amount of money.

Form an Easter Egg Decorating Assembly Line

Cover a long counter top or table with an old sheet or tablecloth. Set up a line for decorating with all of the like items together. Create an egg dyeing section, a sticker section, a coloring section etc. Have at least one adult supervise each section of the line.

This allows the kids to move from section to section to work on their Easter eggs. Moving from section to section keeps them from getting bored and gives them an opportunity to try out new things.

Clean up the Easter Egg Mess

With and adult at each station, clean up is easy. Each person cleans up his or her area. If an old sheet or tablecloth was used, gather up the ends and throw away everything inside. (Be careful if there are cups full of color dye as these should be dumped out before the table covering is collected.) Kids can help clean up any items that have fallen on the floor and place all of the completed eggs into egg cartons for each family to take home.

Take Time to Eat and Visit at the Party

Remember, the party’s emphasis may be one decorating Easter eggs, but take time out to have a snack and visit. The kids have been concentrating on being careful for an extended amount of time. Allow them an opportunity to play with friends and enjoy themselves. At the end of the party, Easter eggs have been decorated, everyone has had a snack and a great time.

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