Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids-Sparkly Egg: Glitter and Sequins Make Decorating Eggs Sparkle for Girls on Easter

Dipping eggs in colored dye is a traditional method for decorating Easter Eggs, but the dye is messy and can stain both clothes and skin. Some kids need something just a little bit more creative to pique their interest in Easter Eggs. For those kids, often girls, use glitter, sequins and various other crafting supplies to create Sparkly Eggs to display for this spring holiday.

Materials to Use for Sparkly Easter Eggs

There are many materials that can be used in the creation of Sparkly Easter Eggs. These items can often be found in large stores like Wal-Mart, or in a crafting supply store, such as Michael’s.

  • Sequins – These shiny little pieces of plastic come in various sizes, shapes and colors. To offer the best variety for kids, pick sequins that offer a wide selection in one package.
  • Glitter – Glitter can also be purchased in a variety pack, or by the color. The pieces of glitter can be large and shiny or very small, and can be poured or shaken from the canister.
  • Glitter glue – An alternative to the mess of glitter, glitter glue allows the young crafter to draw lines of glitter
  • Ribbon – Thin seasonal ribbon can be a great addition to a Sparkly Egg
  • Jewels/rhinestones- Plastic jewels can be found in very small sizes, suitable for glamorizing the most mundane egg. Some varieties include adhesive on the back of the jewel, for easy sticking.
  • Felt – Felt is used as the base for the egg, to prevent rolling. Any color that coordinates with the overall color scheme is appropriate- simply glue a small circle of felt to the bottom of the finished egg.

Creating a Sparkly Easter Egg

Once the eggs have been cleaned and hard-boiled, they are ready for decoration. Kids can choose between swirly sparkly eggs, banded eggs, random sparkles, or any other design.

  • Making Swirly Sparkled Eggs – To achieve this effect, glue one sequin to the top of the egg, and another to the bottom of the egg. Using glitter glue, draw a wide spiral down around the egg, connecting the top sequin to the bottom sequin. Stick color-coordinated sequins at intervals along the spiral, and allow to dry thoroughly. Pick another color of glitter glue, and draw another spiral between the arms of the first spiral, and attach jewels of the same color at intervals.
  • Creating Banded Sparkly Eggs – For banded eggs, choose colors of glue, sequins and jewels that match a pretty ribbon. Glue a length of ribbon around the middle of the egg, leaving enough ribbon at both ends to tie a small bow. Once the glue is dry, alternate gluing sequins and jewels in bands around the egg, from the edges of the ribbon to the top and bottom of the egg.
  • Decorating Randomly Sparkled Eggs – To create these eggs, kids can simply draw designs on an egg in Elmer’s glue, and attach rhinestones, sequins and jewels before sprinkling with glitter. Be sure to accomplish this step over newspaper, so that the extra glitter can be caught and returned to the container.

Easter Egg Decorating

Creating Sparkly Eggs can be fun year-round, but is a perfect craft for kids at Easter-time. Always make sure that materials are non-toxic, and follow appropriate food-safety guidelines before eating the eggs.

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