Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids–Humpty Egg: Yarn, Markers, Beads and Glue Make Easy Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs

Keeping kids entertained during the Easter holiday is simple with these fun Easter Egg decorating ideas. Use common household and crafting items to create a Humpty Dumpty egg to sit in an Easter Basket, or several eggs to sit in a row on an Easter Mantelpiece.

Items Needed to Make a Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg

Humpty Dumpty Eggs are a fun and easy craft for kids on Easter. In order to make one or more Humpty Dumpty eggs, compile the following items:

  • Hardboiled Eggs
  • Markers
  • Yarn
  • Large beads
  • Hot Glue Gun

Use Markers for Humpty Egg’s Face

Use a black marker to draw a simple smiley face at one end of the egg, or get more elaborate with different-colored markers, to create a Humpty Dumpty Egg that resembles each child. Various shades of brown work well for his nose, while peach or pink can be used for his mouth. Yellow, brown, or orange can be used for his eyebrows, depending on the desired hair color, and blue, green, or brown markers can be combined to create most eye colors.

Dressing the Humpty Dumpty Egg

Below Humpty’s face, draw a series of three dots down his chest for waistcoat buttons with a color of marker that coordinates with the available colors of yarn. Once the ink has thoroughly dried, measure a length of yarn large enough to go around the egg, just under Humpty Dumpty’s “chin”, including enough yarn to tie a bow. Tie the yarn in a knot and small bow, and cut off trailing ends. Color the bottom third of the egg with a color that matches the yarn.

Making the Arms and Legs for Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs

To make the arms and legs for a Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg, measure four pieces of yarn. One set (the arms) should be about two inches long, and the other set (the legs) should be about three inches long. Tie a large bead to one end of each piece of yarn.

  • Arms: Remove Humpty’s bow-tie and spread it out on the work-surface in a circle. Tie the non-beaded end of the two shorter pieces of yarn about one inch from the bow on each side. Replace the bow-tie, and allow Humpty Dumpty’s “arms” to dangle at his sides.
  • Legs: Attach the non-beaded ends of the yarn to the bottom of the egg with a drop of glue from the hot glue gun, allowing Humpty’s “legs” to dangle.

Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg Display

The Humpty Dumpty Egg must have a base in order to keep him from rolling over. In order to create the base, simply wind a length of yarn around the bottom of the egg, and attach the yarn with hot-glue. Immediately after applying the glue, gently press the egg down on a flat surface. The dried glue creates a relatively stable base for the egg.

Easter Egg Decorating Fun and Safety

Decorating Easter Eggs is a fun part of the holiday for kids, but some crafting materials are dangerous. Parents should use non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of the process, and should follow safety guidelines for eating eggs after decoration.

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