Easter Egg Blessings Activity: Count Blessings With Children on Easter

Children enjoy finding Easter eggs in the yard or neighborhood on Easter day. For parents and other caring adults who would like to make Easter more meaningful for children, the following egg hunt activity may be of interest.

Count Blessings With Children Using Easter Eggs

Proceed with the Easter egg hunt celebration as usual. When all the children have collected their eggs, encourage them to sit in a circle with their baskets. If have adults present, invite them, too, to join the circle. Pair up the children with adults who they know and/or are comfortable with.

Begin the activity by encouraging each child to look into his/her basket full of eggs. Tell the children that their baskets are full of blessings, for each egg represents something good in the child’s life.

Appreciating Life at Easter

Ask the children the following questions to help them reflect on the good in their lives:

  • “What is important to you?”
  • “Who do you love?”
  • “What is special in your life?”

If children are younger or having trouble with the exercise, the adults in their group may hint at blessings, such as a favorite relative, toy, friend, or pet. As the children and adults share, they will both increase self-awareness and a sense of connection to each other and the group.

Sharing Blessings of Life at Easter

Go around the circle, and encourage each child or adult to pick up an Easter egg and name a blessing. Possible examples of blessings might include a favorite pet, parent, new dress, friend at school, or a relative’s visit.

Encourage adults present to share the eggs in the children’s baskets and name the blessings, too. Adults may want to select what they are thankful for relative to the child, both to model the concept to children as well as keeping the children’s attention.

When everyone has shared and all the eggs are gone, praise the children for having so many blessings in their lives. Tell them that, next Easter, they will have new and different blessings because there will be new eggs and new life in the meantime.

Counting Blessings With a Child on Easter

Even if the rest of the Easter hunt isn’t interested, a caring adult can count eggs and blessings together after the hunt or at home later.

The yearly Easter egg hunt is fun for children and adults alike. With some intentionality and sharing, the Easter egg hunt can also bring people together as they reflect on the blessings in their lives.

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