Easter Decoration Ideas: Ways to Make Those Easter Eggs and Easter Cakes Standout

Easter means eggs need to be decorated and transformed into Easter eggs and someone must also be in charge of the task of creating the perfect Easter treat, specifically a beautiful Easter cake. Decorating both eggs and cakes for this sacred holiday can be effortless and fun with the following tips.

Easter Eggs

Most Easter egg coloring kits come with a clear wax crayon. The idea is to draw on the egg before it is dipped into the dye with the crayon and the dye will not adhere to the waxy part of the egg. The end result is a colored egg with a pattern.

However, just using a clear crayon is a bit limiting. Instead, pick up a 12 to 24 pack of crayons and be as creative as possible! Try drawing an Easter bunny on an egg, a baby chick, a scrolling design, vines and flowers, or draw a design to custom match the decorating theme for the Easter family get-together.

Children will love the freedom the crayons will give them to do so much more with their eggs. They can spend time drawing silly faces, doodles, writing their names, anything—and all before they even begin dipping the eggs into the dye!

Easter Cakes

Most bakers know a cake or two they love to make with an icing to go with it, but the real question is how to adapt that favorite recipe for a holiday like Easter so the baker doesn’t have to risk trying something new on such an important day. The answer is through decorating.

Marshmallow Bunnies or Chicks

Love those cute marshmallow bunnies or chicks? Use the cute treats to decorate an Easter cake. Simply place the marshmallow bunnies or chicks on an already frosted cake either on top of the cake around the border, placing them on the sides of the cake, or in a new and unique design (try even making a scene with the bunnies and chicks!). The marshmallows can be easily adhered to the frosted cake by dabbing a small amount of left over frosting on the backs of the chicks or bunnies.

Using Small Shell-Covered Pastel Chocolate Candies

These pastel colored candies can be mixed into the cake batter before baking, but they can also be used in the decorating process to create a festive looking Easter Cake. Use the candies on the surface of the cake’s icing in any design that suits the cake best.

Using Pastel Colored Sugar

A simply application of pastel colored sugar on an already frosted cake will create a beautiful, sparkling Easter cake

Using Stencils

Frost a cake in chocolate icing to provide a nice dark backdrop for a confectioner’s sugar design. Before decorating, make stencils of Easter designs for the cake (think the Easter bunny or flowers).The stencils can be made by drawing the desired design on parchment paper and then cutting it out with an X-Acto knife. Designs can also be traced onto parchment paper from pictures or designs found online, making it easy for anyone to do.

After the parchment paper stencil is finished, gently lay the parchment paper over the chocolate frosted cake. Lightly sprinkle the stencil with confectioner’s sugar. When the design is covered, carefully remove the parchment paper, making sure not to spill any excess sugar onto the cake. The design from the stencil will be left on the frosted surface creating a beautiful Easter cake.

A dark cake without frosting, like chocolate or carrot cake, can also be decorated with a stencil and the designs will show up nicely on these kinds of cakes’ surfaces.

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