Decorate an Easter Basket with Ribbons and Beads: Adding Embellishments to a Pipe-Cleaner Easter Basket During Weaving

Weaving a pipe cleaner Easter Basket is a fun and easy craft for kids. These ideas for adding additional crafting materials to the basket can make it even more special. Alternative handles, a flat beaded bottom, and the use of ribbons and beads in the weaving of the basket are all relatively simple embellishments that kids can add to the basket.

Materials Needed to Embellish an Easter Basket

  • Wide white and green ribbon to be used as an alternative handle.
  • Thin ribbons in coordinating colors, used to interweave with the pipe cleaners along the sides of the basket.
  • Easter charms, such as eggs, bunnies and crosses to be threaded onto the thin ribbon
  • Large clear, white or green beads to be threaded onto the pipe cleaners.

Decorating the Basket with Beads

There are various ways that the basket can be decorated with beads. Threading beads on the ribs embellishes the sides of the basket or creates a beaded bottom. Threading beads on the materials used in the sides of the basket is another way to make the basket sparkle.

Decorating the ribs with beads: Thread a large bead over each of the ribs, and push it down as far as it will go. Add another three beads to each rib, spaced at even intervals. When weaving the sides, thread the pipe cleaners around the beads, leaving enough space to prevent the beads from being covered.

Creating a basket “bottom” with beads: Thread four large beads onto each rib and push them down to the bottom. Leave a small space, enough for a single pipe cleaner, between each bead. Lay the ribs on a flat surface, pressing the beaded portions flat to form the base of the basket, and bending the remaining stems upward to form the sides. When weaving the bottom of the basket, weave one pipe cleaner between each bead to form the bottom of the basket.

Decorating the basket sides: Decorate the basket’s sides by threading beads onto the pipe cleaners used to weave around the ribs. Add beads at regular intervals to create patterns on the sides of the basket.

Add Ribbon to the Easter Basket

Green and white ribbons can be used to add even more pizazz to the basket. Thin ribbons can be threaded between pipe cleaners during weaving, with Easter charms added at intervals. Wide ribbons can be tied to the edges of the basket to create an alternate handle. In addition, a wide length of ribbon can be wound around the top two rows of weaving, and tied in a pretty bow to finish the basket.

Easter Basket Embellishments

Using ribbon and beads to embellish a Pipe Cleaner Easter Basket is a simple Easter craft idea for kids. Beads and ribbon are readily available as crafting supplies, but decorating an Easter Basket is limited only by the extent of a child’s imagination.

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