Creepy Things That Actually Happened On Halloween

Each year on October 13, certain countries celebrate Halloween. While initially the holiday involved people dressing in costumes to ward off ghosts, these last decade has seen its commercialization to include such activities as trick-or-treating, festive gatherings with everyone properly dressed in costume, and carving jack-o-lanterns.

These days, adults and children alike look forward to this holiday so they can scare each other away. Since Halloween is synonymous with creepy activities, here are a few that turned too real.

  • Dead Surprise?

A mail man was minding his business on the morning of Halloween when he saw a dead body on one of the homes he made his morning delivery. Believing it to be a scare tactic perfectly performed, the good man sidestepped the body and went on hos business. Turns out the ‘dead’ man had actually collapsed and died on his doorstep the night before.

  • Is that you, teaser?

Locals in Frederica, Delaware thought their neighbor had scored a huge one when they saw a body hanging from a tree in their yard in the evening of October 31, 2005. Turns out it was a real body! Took a minute and curious onlookers to take action.

  • Dead Son, Rich Dad

The year: 1974. Victim: Timothy O’Brien, 8 years old. A father, motivated by the huge insurance claim collectible on his son, spiked his candy with cyanide on Halloween. It took a while to tie the dad to the murder.

  • You Skunk!

Halloween 2012: A 9 year old girl was almost killed by her cousin who mistook her for a skunk. The girl who was shot on the shoulder, leg, back, and arm was attending a Halloween party outside her house dressed in a black dress and a black and white cap. She escaped with major injuries but did not die.

  • Heads Rolling

In 2014, a crowd was treated to what they naturally thought to be a Halloween trick when a man pulled a body to the street and kicked the head a few meters away. Trick-and-treating went on as usual until someone attempted to remove the body from the streets only to find that it was real. It turned out to be Patricia Ward who had been murdered by her mentally-incapacitated son. After mutilating his mother’s body, he ran in front of a moving train and ended his own life.

So, what are you doing for Halloween this year?

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