Create A Recycled Soda Bottle Easter Basket: Turn Trash Into An Easter Craft

Both children and adults will enjoy creating their own Easter baskets to celebrate the holiday. And there will be less plastic going into the trash, which is a big help to our planet. Get the family together for this fun project and teach the kids about recycling at the same time.

Supplies Needed To Make A Soda Bottle Easter Basket

  • Empty soda bottles
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Utility Knife
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue
  • Various embellishments like ribbon, lace, felt, stickers and craft foam
  • Easter grass

Directions For A Soda Bottle Easter Basket

Begin by deciding how many baskets you need to make, usually one for each child. Gather the appropriate number of soda bottles and cut out the bottom of each bottle using the utility knife. The adults should handle all of the cutting for this project. Cut the bottle around 2-3” from the bottom so you have enough room to fill the basket later.

Also, be sure to remove the labels before cutting. Once the bottles are cut, wash them inside and outside with soap and water to remove any soda residue or lingering smell. Allow the bottle to dry before continuing.

Using the utility knife again, cut two small slits, one on each side of the bottle directly across from each other. This is where the handle will be attached. Leave at least ½” above each slit for a sturdy connection.

Poke each end of a pipe cleaner through the slit, staring from the outside of the bottle and going in. Push enough through so you can bend the inner part upwards to wrap around the part of the pipe cleaner at the top edge of the bottle to secure it. Line the twisted part with glue for extra security.

If the pipe cleaner is not long enough, twist two or more together, end to end, to make the handle a more appropriate size. You can also braid multiple strands together for a thicker handle. Use different colors if you wish.

All that is left to do is decorate. You may wish to cover the top edge where the bottle was cut with lace or ribbon to conceal any rough edges. You can also glue decorated craft foam egg-shapes around the basket, add glitter or even paint designs around the basket. Easter-themed stickers are a nice touch as well as beads or sequins.

Finally, fill your decorated basket with Easter grass in your choice of color. You are ready to fill the basket with treats and enjoy your holiday!

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