Corporate Christmas Party – Corporate Holiday Party Planning

There are many different things to consider when planning the annual company Christmas party. This includes the location, food and entertainment. The following are holiday party ideas to help plan the best corporate holiday party.

Christmas Party Venues

One of the first considerations when planning a corporate Christmas party is the location. Restaurants and rental halls are two of the most popular locations. Although some may assume that it’s cheaper to rent a hall and hire a caterer, this is not always true. A lot has to do with the kind of food being served.

Keep in mind that it’s usually less expensive to host a lunch, rather than a dinner. If the company has some type of auditorium, this could work as a cost wise holiday venue. Will this be for employees only or will spouses and significant others be invited to attend? If on any type of budget, adding guests can greatly run up the bill. Don’t feel bad keeping it to employees only.

Corporate Holiday Party

If having a sit down meal, allow at least two to three choices for the main course. Some type of chicken and beef dish is usually the norm. Keep in mind that not everyone eats meat. Be sure to include a vegetarian dish. If wanting to elaborate, throw in a fish choice as well.

Looking to do something a little bit different? If using a caterer, how about setting up various food stations that offer traditional Christmas foods from different countries around the world? If more on a budget, go with a buffet. A nice, but inexpensive buffet idea is to have a pasta buffet.

Start with two to three salad choices. Next, offer three different pasta choices. Ideas include rigatoni, angel hair pasta, and spaghetti. Be sure to offer both red and white sauces and don’t forget to include some type of garlic bread or garlic sticks.

Christmas Party Themes

Add a little fun flair to a corporate holiday party by adding a theme. How about a winter wonderland party? Escape the cold winter weather with a tropical holiday party theme. Think of Las Vegas or Atlantic City with a December casino night. If throwing a themed holiday party, be sure that food, decorations, and entertainment reflect the theme.

Holiday Party Ideas

One of the things that people look forward to the most at an annual company Christmas party is the entertainment. Live bands are great, but in today’s economic times, not always within the budget. A consideration is to hire it DJ instead of a live band.

If wanting to be a little more playful, a fun choice can be to hire an entertainer who has both DJ and karaoke capabilities. If the entertainment budget is next to zero, let the entertainment be provided by the company employees by way of a company talent show.

Don’t let just anyone up on the stage. This could turn out to be quite disastrous. Instead, find a small group of volunteers who will be willing to act as talent scouts and have employees audition. Be sure to ask for both traditional and unique acts. It’s best to have a nice variety of talent, as people will get bored listening to singer after singer.

When planning a corporate Christmas or holiday party, be sure to book a venue as soon as possible to get the best deal. Keep in mind the cost of food and don’t forget to include some kind of holiday entertainment.

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