Christmas Shopping Deals: Saving Money During the Holidays

Christmas is a busy time of year that sees consumers purchasing products for gift giving as well as for decorating and entertaining during the holiday season. It can also be a very costly time of year; but there are ways you can save money during Christmas, such as by finding good Christmas shopping deals.

Look Online for Christmas Shopping Deals

If you know the products you are looking for, search for them online and compare prices across stores. You can do this for most of your Christmas shopping and make a list of what stores seem to have the best deals for those products.

You may also be able to buy most of your products from the same store, which can save you both time and money. If you are ordering online, be sure to order early to avoid back-orders or out of stock disappointments. Compare shipping and handling prices too, they can often be quite high but some stores may offer lower rates or even free shipping and handling, so do the research before buying.

Search For In-Store Deals on Christmas Shopping

Many stores will feature in-store deals that are not advertised online. Often, you have to visit the store to see these deals, but word of mouth can also inform you of some great Christmas deals out there. If you are part of any social networks or communities, ask around and see if anyone knows of some great Christmas savings out there.

Special Christmas Sales by Invite Only

Many stores offer special sales that are available to registered members. To be a registered member, you usually just have to subscribe to a newsletter. Stores often send out special newsletters announcing these “members only” sales and will even give you a promotion code to use for further discounts.

Stick to Your Christmas Shopping List and Budget

It’s easy to get carried away during the holiday season. Whether you are buying gifts for the people on your list or buying decorations for the home and for entertaining, it is common to exceed budgets.

Write down your Christmas shopping list and do your best to stick to that list. If you tend to be someone who buys impulsively, even after your Christmas shopping is done, then make your shopping list smaller and you’ll have more room in your budget to buy “last minute” items.

Making Homemade Christmas Gifts to Save Money

If you want to save some money during the holidays, consider making some homemade gifts. Depending on the type of gift you decide to make, it can be more costly that buying gifts, so be sure to budget your projects and cost them out. Look online for some great ideas for homemade Christmas gifts and see if you can make them in bulk, to save even more money.

Great gifts to make and give as gifts are baked goods like chocolate truffles or cookie platters. You can buy inexpensive decorative boxes and line them with colored tissue paper, putting your baked goods inside. These gifts look nice and will be a welcome addition to the entertaining table.

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be very expensive if you take the time to search for Christmas deals and outline a budget for your shopping. Take some time to look around, both online and offline, and find good deals as well as some ideas for less expensive homemade gift ideas. When you find good shopping deals, write them down for next year’s shopping and feel free to tweet the message to your friends, so others can find the good deals too!

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