Christmas Presents for the Elderly

What should one buy at Christmas for grandparents or other elderly friends and relatives? Some of these people have given up the hobbies they used to have, and may have moved to a smaller house or flat with little room for anything new. And they may claim to not want any more clothes, gadgets, or knick-knacks. So what should the gift-giver do?

Practical Gifts for Seniors

Are these people short of money? If so, they might well appreciate an attractive card, with a gift voucher included for groceries. Help with fuel bills might also be appreciated. The gift giver could also make up a hamper of some favourite foods, perhaps something more luxurious than the elderly person would buy for themselves…but keep any dietary restrictions in mind. And warm hats, scarves, or slippers always make acceptable presents.

Household Help for the Elderly Person

A gift of a cleaning or handyman service might well be appreciated by a person who finds it hard to do these things for themselves. Or perhaps someone in the family could offer to do some gardening, giving a handmade card outlining the service they will be offering. The same technique could be used for offering other services, such as decorating. It would be worth visiting the elderly person in advance and finding out what they are likely to need. Such personal and useful gifts are always appreciated.

Small Luxuries for Older Mums, Dads, and Grandparents

Elderly people have a habit of saying they don’t need anything. But everyone appreciates small luxuries. A gift basket of bath supplies is a good idea, but make sure the products are filled with moisturizers, since everyone’s skin becomes drier as they age. Or perhaps the person would like a voucher for a massage or facial treatment.

Trips as Gifts for Pensioners

Many older people don’t go out that much any more, but some would like to. The gift giver could give them cinema, theatre, or concert tickets…though of course it would be a good idea to find out in advance what sort of things they would like. Offering to take them, especially if the person lives alone, might well be appreciated even more.

Unusual Gifts for Older People

The gift giver should not assume that the senior would not like something interesting or unusual. Sound them out and find out what they would like. Perhaps the person has always secretly wanted to fly a helicopter, and a trial flying lesson might be their dream come true. Maybe they’ve always wanted to learn to play golf, or go motor racing, or have a day at a spa. Your gift could be the best thing that’s ever happened to them!

Younger people should not make assumptions about the elderly when buying Christmas presents. Treat them as individuals, with gifts personally suited for them, and things won’t go far wrong.

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