Christmas Presents Clip Art Borders

Fancy Christmas Borders

Filling in scrapbooks is one of the favourite past-times of kids during the holiday season. Kids find it great fun to stick photos of varied car models or models of bikes that have been introduced over the years or stickers of super heroes or any other images they like. However, one of the most important parts of the scrapbook that is not given attention most of the time is the border.

The fact that the scrapbook needs to be bound at one end is the reason for leaving the border as it is. But when binding is not needed then the scrapbook border can be elaborately decorated by varied means.

During Christmas times, the options get multiplied as there is a lot of leftover material from your Christmas decorations that can be used to make a unique Christmas borders for your scrapbook. One option is using old Christmas coupons or gift wrappers or using images of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, bells, stockings etc if you have a particular theme in mind. You can add jazz to your Christmas border by using a narrow band of glitter glue as another option. You can also use pressed, dried leaves of mistletoe or holly to infuse the smell of Christmas into your scrapbook.

Delve into your creative mind and you will definitely come out with amazing options!

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