Christmas Poetry for Kids

Christmas poems are fun to write and they increase the student’s vocabulary base. Writing a poem requires students to be simple and to use only a word or two to convey an idea or thought.

Dictionaries, thesaurus, and rhyming dictionary are great tools to assist students in creating poetry work of arts. It is important for students to learn how to use these resources to write their Christmas poems.

Christmas Acrostic Poem

A poem in which the first letters of each line is a word or short phrase that speaks about the subject. The poem is written vertically.

Acrostic Poetry Mini-lesson

Teacher reads a Christmas theme acrostic poem to the class. Teacher asks the students to identify the qualities of the poem. Teacher writes another Christmas theme word on the board and asks students how they would write an acrostic poem for the word. Teacher will prompt to assist students to notice all the words and short phrases are related to the main word.

Primary Students: Teacher uses one or two words to describe the main word. He creates a simple acrostic poem with the students. All students will write an acrostic poem, but the teacher may provide students with words for specific letters.

Junior Students: Teachers allows students to create an acrostic poem from a few Christmas themed words. Students will use a word or short phrase for their poem.

Christmas Cinquain

A poem with five lines that represents the subject.

1st Line-1 word-title

2nd Line- 2 words-describes the title

3rd Line- 3 words-action

4th Line- 4 words-feelings

5th Line-1 word-title (synonym for the 1st title)

Cinquain Mini-lesson

Teacher reads a cinquain and identifies the five parts of the poem. Students and the teacher create a cinquain together. Students choose a person that is a part of their Christmas tradition and write a cinquain about them. Students may write about Jesus, God, Santa Claus, grandma, mom, grandfather, or brother. They are to write about someone who represent Christmas to them. Cinquains can be serious or humorous.

Christmas Funny Poems

Rhyming or free verse poem. Best to start with short rhyming poems.

Funny Poems Mini-lesson

Teacher reads a few funny poems. Bruce Lanksy and Shel Silverstein are funny poets that children will enjoy. After reading the poems the class will write a funny poem together. Teacher will create the poem thinking out loud, prompting the students. Teacher will talk to students about using the thesaurus and dictionary to find interesting words. Also, it is best for the teacher to have a rhyming dictionary on hand or have access to an online rhyming dictionary such as purple room .

Students are to create a Christmas poem and their objective is to make their classmates laugh out loud. The student who makes the most students out loud will win a prize or an A+.

Christmas Hink Pinks

Create short and funny riddles like these:

What do you call falling crystals married to a woman? Snowman

Hink Pink Mini-lesson

Teacher asks the above question to students. Students will give an assortment of answers and the teacher will provide the answer if necessary. Students will write Christmas hink pinks.

After the hink pinks are created, students will write them on sentence strips and display them in the hall for students to read. The answer will be written in small letters upside down on the sentence strips. Hink Pinks are fun to create but can be a little frustrating as you are trying to find the right combination. Most hink pinks are quite silly.

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