Christmas for Every Vegetable Gardener

Vegetable gardens have been put to sleep for the cold months and the family is busy with holiday parties, shopping and winter vacations. Even during the busy holiday season, the gardener’s thoughts drift to next season’s vegetable patch. There are many things to consider; improvements to be made in the garden, worn out tools to replace, seeds to purchase, pots to prepare for indoor seed starting and the list grows from there.

Most gardeners are happy to receive anything which makes their gardening chores a bit easier or helps them to relax in the evening once the chores are finished.

Personal Care

  • Gardeners Soap

This soap usually contains an abrasive ingredient which cleans dirt from hands. Specialty soap makes a nice addition to a homemade gift basket.

  • Gloves

Gloves need to be durable and comfortable. For those with achy hands and wrists ergonomically correct gloves such as Bionic gardening gloves are the answer to alleviate some of the inevitable aches caused by long days spent working in the garden.

  • Hand Lotion

Moisture-rich hand lotion is essential for the gardener. This also makes a nice addition to a gift basket.

  • Knee Pad

Knee pads come in handy when weeding.

  • Lip Balm

Sun and wind can cause chapped lips therefore having a good supply of lip balm is essential.

  • Sun Hat

A sun hat is not only necessary for keeping the sun out of the gardener’s eyes but is essential in aiding to block the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Hand Tools

  • Dibbler

The dibbler is a wonderful little tool used to plant seeds and lift out small seedlings for transplanting.

  • Hand Hoe

A small handheld hoe for close work while kneeling in the garden.

  • Pruners

Every gardener should have a good pair of handheld pruners for close trimming in the vegetable garden or fruit orchard.

  • Spring Tine Cultivator

This small tool makes easy work of cultivating soil.

  • Trowel (All Purpose)

The all purpose digging trowel is used anywhere a trowel is needed in the garden.

  • Trowel (Transplant)

The transplant trowel is shaped to make transplanting seedlings much easier.

  • Wire Weeder

The perfect tool for weeding between plants without damaging the roots or disturbing large areas of soil surface. Wire weeders may also be purchased with long handles.

Long Handled Tools

  • Hoe (All Purpose)

The all purpose hoe is used to cultivate and weed. It is a necessity in every garden shed.

  • Hoe (Weeding)

This narrow two-sided hoe is perfect for getting in between plants.

  • Long Handle Pruners

Pruners with long handles are often needed in the fruit orchard.

  • Three Tine Cultivator

The three tine cultivator is another essential tool for the vegetable garden. It helps to mix compost into soil by turning or chopping the soil and it is also a good weeding tool.

Other Gifts

  • Buckets

A stash of 2 1/2 and 5 gallon buckets in the garden shed is always a good idea. They have many uses around the garden and orchard. Consider making or buying a pocketed canvas apron to fit around one of the five gallon buckets for an easy way to carry tools and other items from shed to garden.

  • Cold Frame

Build or purchase a cold frame for early and late harvest of some vegetables.

  • Compost Bin

Build a compost bin or purchase a ready to assemble wire or wood bin.

  • Compost Thermometer

A nifty device to keep a check on compost temperature.

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