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Tips to Design Effective Christmas Printables

Christmas is the best time for partying with friends, relatives and co-workers. The first step in planning for your party is designing an effective Christmas party invite. Christmas printable invitations are one of the modes of getting your invitations across in the best way possible. Following are a few tips to keep in mind while sending your Christmas printable invitations.

• Design your printable party invite based on the group you are catering to. If it is a party for your kiddos then use fun-filled and glitzy colours and collage work on the invite; for a company party include company name and logo and so on. Let the recipients get into the groove with your terrific invite.

• Try to get a feel of people attending your party by including RSVP cards with pre-addressed postage. This ensures that there is no wastage of food as well as party supplies.

• Convey the theme of your party on your Christmas printable invite. Dress code etc should be specified so that the guests dress appropriately.

• Ensure that the party invite lists down the sequence of events in the party if it is going to be an elaborate affair. This will give an idea to the guests of what to expect in the party.

• Use the mail-merge function in your word processing software program to enable printing of envelopes. This will simplify the process of sending your mail.

So, start getting creative with your Christmas printable invitations!

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