Christmas Activities For Tweens

Christmas Activities to Engage Your Kids

As the Christmas vacation approaches, mothers have to be geared to keep their kids busy during the holidays with some fun or educational activities. There are innumerable Christmas activities that will engage the kids and enable them to learn some new things. And the best part is that they do not require you to shell out loads of money.

Making Christmas decorations is one of the activities that can be taught to the kids. There are several areas of your house that need to be decorated during this festive season such as the Christmas tree, windows, walls or the patio etc. Creating wreaths, garlands, stars from materials at home will be good ideas for contributing towards decorations.

Making Christmas cards is another Christmas activity idea that will bring out the creative element in your child. Christmas wrapping paper can also be made by kids by using blank sheets of paper and decorating them with paints or collage work. If your kid loves Christmas goodies then he can learn to do some Christmas cooking. There can be no greater joy than serving cookies, fudges, candies made by your kids to friends and relatives.

Christmas is the time for bonding and when the entire family gets involved in doing Christmas activities, it goes miles towards strengthening this bonding!

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