Christian Easter Cartoons: Religious Family-Friendly DVDs and Videos

Christian families may strive to teach the true story of Easter, beyond imaginary bunnies and candy-filled baskets. These Christian cartoons will captivate children’s attention and stimulate conversation about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The following DVDs and videos are a great tool to teach the gospel of Jesus.

The Easter Story Keepers

The Easter Story Keepers (1997) features famous voices of Robert Guillame, Tim Curry, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. There is a dual story line occurring in this Christian cartoon. Ben and a loyal group of Christians seek refuge from the emperor Nero. As their story unfolds, Ben offers hope to his companions by relating the last days of Christ, from his return to Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, to the crucifixion, and on to the resurrection.

The Dove Foundation gave this movie a four out of five rating and considers it to be a family-friendly cartoon, suitable for all ages. However, the organization flagged it for “non-gratuitous violence involving fighting or weapons,” referring to the sounds of Jesus being whipped during the depiction of the crucifixion. Parents looking for a child-friendly retelling of Jesus Christ and his last days will likely be pleased with this film. However, parents may wish to preview this 70 minute cartoon first to be sure it is appropriate for their family.

The Beginner’s Bible Series: The Story of Easter

The Beginner’s Bible Series: The Story of Easter (1999) is an accurate cartoon Biblical depiction of Jesus Christ’s last days on earth, revealing the crucifixion and resurrection in a non-violent way. Heather M. Fierst of All Movie Guide reviewed this cartoon as being appropriate for younger children, age 3-7. Featuring an original song sung by Kathie Lee Gifford, this Easter cartoon runs 30 minutes.

Veggie Tales – An Easter Carol

Veggie Tales – An Easter Carol (2004) continues the fabulous funny and faithful series from Big Idea Productions. Veggie Tales has made a definite mark on children’s Christian entertainment. This cartoon, featuring the lovable characters of Bob and Larry, has been heralded as the DVD in this series that most clearly states what is meant to be a Christian, rather than simply Judeo-Christian values. This cartoon explains the importance of belief in Jesus as Savior and depicts Easter as a time to celebrate. Part of the plot line parallels Dickens’s work, A Christmas Carol. Because of that, the story may be a bit more difficult and confusing for younger children to follow without parent explanation. Run time is 49 minutes.

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