Chick’s Doin’ Tricks Easter Poster: Digital Muraling Activity Creates Poster As Easter Gift

A huge poster can be created to showcase a design with a theme such as Chick’s Doin’ Tricks. The feeling of ‘preparations for theatre’ can be created for your Easter Digital Muraling Activity.

The poster created can be presented as an Easter gift and an assessment item.

Before You Begin

Your vision for the project should be clear, and agreed upon by the group in a settled manner before you begin.

Divide the class into at least two teams. This will bring the project to life by empowering the quality of the artwork through anticipation, excitement and curiosity.

  • allow the students to guess what the other teams are doing
  • do not reveal to them what the poster will look like until the poster is unveiled on the last day of term
  • this builds anticipation and allows space for dialogue with drama students about socio emotional issues such as stage fright, building dramatic impact, self containment and self soothing

To Get Started

  1. Have the teams Chicks and Rabbits divide themselves into sub groups.
  2. Each team may designate a leader.
  3. Call the team leader the director.
  4. Have clipboards megaphones and other props to recreate the dramatic impact of the theatre rehearsal, practice and performance.
  5. The rabbits are the audience and the chickens will be performing tricks in a carnival
  6. Most classes find that they are limited for time. Use these time issues to enthuse and create excitement.
  7. Have timers, bells and whistles.
  8. Ask the team leaders to manage time with fun incentives and crazy signals.
  9. Remind theatre students from time to time that there will always be time issues when practicing for performance.

The Art Work “Chicks Doing Tricks” ©Busywomen

The creation is oil pastel drawings washed over with vegetable dye constructed as collage in Photoshop.


  • a wide range of oil pastels with fluro and metallic colours
  • children’s vegetable dyes mixed to be fairly transparent
  • a ream of A3 paper 16inchs by 22 inches
  • brushes
  • Photoshop or another graphic software package
  • Colour printer
  • Laminator
  • Digital camera
  • LCD Projector to demonstrate to the children how the images are blended together


  • Students are to either draw a rabbit in the audience or a chicken doing tricks depending on which team they are in
  • You may have one subgroup to create the set design and another for props .
  • Chickens and Rabbits will have a different coloured background to contrast their areas.
  • Students will draw their character very thickly with oil pastel ensuring a high degree of energetic texture. This is to ensure a high degree of resistance for the dye.
  • The chicken characters will be predominantly yellow and subtle browns and so a cool background such as blue or aqua could be a good choice
  • The rabbits can be white and soft pastel colours such pinks, greens and blues. This means that warm colours such as burnt orange may be appropriate.
  • Heavy black outlines enable the digital camera to pick up the figures. This clarity will facilitate repair and enhancement work in Photoshop.

Teacher Led Creation

The work in Photoshop will either need to be done by the teacher or skilled students in older classes.

  1. The collage is to blended in Photoshop.
  2. Use the shape tools to throw spotlight onto the stage to feature the chickens performing their acts.
  3. The teacher can print one poster for each student as an Easter Gift and an assessment item.
  4. A border that contains the signature of each student running around the edge of the poster design would complete the project.

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