Blended Family Easter Activities: More Opportunities to Bond during this spring holiday

Easter is right around the corner. What are you planning for your blended family? It can be challenging to put together a family holiday meal everyone will enjoy if you are not familiar with your family’s food preferences. An easy way to overcome this problem is too encourage the entire family to participate in planning the menu. This activity not only ensures that each family member will have something they enjoy at mealtime, it encourages bonding and develops meal planning, shopping and cooking skills in your children. Anyone too young to participate in the meal preparation activity can help with the place marker craft.

Everyone gets to choose one recipe for the dinner. Sit the entire family down and ask them to write their dish of choice on a 3 X 5 card. Then have each person write the ingredients and recipe instructions on the back of the card.

Take turns reading off necessary ingredients from the back of the card while one person writes the shopping list.

Take everyone shopping to purchase ingredients. Separate the list by aisle and give children that are old enough shopping assignments. When finished everyone meets at the check out stand and mom or dad checks for completeness and help find missing items.

The day before Easter, prepare each dish, one at a time, with the family member that chose it. This allows for valuable one on one interaction and gives each child a lesson in meal preparation. As each dish cools, cover and refrigerate.

Supplies for craft: one hard-boiled egg for each family member, glitter glue, paint, crayons, stickers, commercial egg coloring kit, ribbon, empty paper towel holder, scissors.

Hard-boil an egg for each family member. Using a wax crayon write the name of each family member on the egg. Then let the younger children (and anyone else who wants to participate) decorate the eggs as they wish. Stickers, glitter, paints and commercial egg coloring kits are all fun way to decorate Easter eggs.

Make egg holders by cutting an empty paper towel tube into ½-inch rings. Decorate the rings with paint, glitter or ribbon to match corresponding egg. Place the egg in the ring and place in the center of a plate at each family member’s place setting.

Two hours before mealtime begin warming dishes prepared the day before. Set table, placing eggs at assigned seats. Enjoy the day with your blended family! Join us in the discussion forum to share any ideas you have for enhancing a blended family holiday.

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