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The Toy Retailers Association has put together a Dream Toys list of what they predict will be the most in demand toys for Christmas. It’s an eclectic mix, which thankfully includes many mid-price and bargain toys. Here’s the top 12 toys for boys, in no particular order.

Please note, the additional comments, price guide and recommendations are provided purely for information, and do not imply endorsement by the TRA.

Best Toys for Boys

Many of this years most popular toys are affiliated with films and TV programmes. Power Rangers, Ben 10, Star Wars and WALL-E are all extremely well liked by boys, to mention but a few.

Transforming WALL-E

The adorable little robot from Disney Pixar’s WALL-E film is bound to be a big hit with kids and parents alike. Transforming WALL-E goes from robot shape to cube at the push of a button. He also opens up to reveal the rubbish he’s been compacting. Transforming WALL-E retails at around £15. For a few pounds more, a fabulous remote controlled WALL-E is also available, who moves, speaks and sings.

Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet

The Star Wars, Clone Wars films and TV series has unleashed a new wave of Star Wars merchandising, of which this voice changer helmet, at around £30, is the most in demand. There are also some brilliant new Millennium Falcon toys on the market.

Cars Walkin’ Talkin’ McQueen

From the Disney Pixar film Cars, Walkin’ Talkin McQueen is a fully programmable toy, complete with light and sounds. Around £45.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Tracker

Boys adore the Power Rangers. With this Tracker they can pretend to morph, just like the rangers do. Around £15.


Bakugan is a hit Japanese Anime show on Cartoon Network. Like Pokemon before it, Bakugan has spawned a game and a host of collectibles, all very much in demand with boys aged 5 – 9. The Bakugan starter pack retails for around £12.

Gormiti Island of Gorm Playset

Backed by a huge television advertising campaign, Gormiti has become one of the UKs top selling toys. Priced at around £35, this playset is the perfect setting for Gormiti fans to enact battles.

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car

Remote controlled cars that can be driven on any smooth surface including up walls! A toy for dads and lads if ever there was one. Recommended for age 8+ and retailing at £30.

Transformers Animated Roll Out Command Optimus Prime

A huge Optimus Prime that transforms from robot to truck using something called Automorph technology. (Meaning he will automatically transform as he’s being rolled along). Retails at around £50 – £60.

Ben 10 Omnitrix

Boys can wear the Omnitrix like a watch, as Ben 10 himself does on the animated show. Ben transforms himself into alien superheroes by setting his Omnitrix. With the cool sound and light effects of this toy, kids can pretend the same thing. £10 – £15.

WWE Raw Arena

A great fun playset for re-enacting all the carnage of the WWE wrestling shows, although slightly pricey at around £50.

Indianna Jones Sounds FX Hat and Whip

Young Indy fans can recreate scenes from the movies with this super cool dress up kit featuring authentic sounds. £25.

Star Wars AT TE

At around £100, the Star Wars All Terrain Tactical Enforcer vehicle is on the pricey side, but at over 2ft long and packed with electronic sounds and lights it still makes a fantastic addition to any Star Wars fans collection. It’s sure to be on many peoples wish list.

Best of the Rest – Batman, Eye Clops, Elmo…

Other toys bound to be in high demand, but which didn’t quite make it into the TRA’s top 12, include:

  • Batman Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile
  • Indianna Jones Mr Potato Head
  • Eye Clops
  • Doctor Who Dalek Voice Changer Mask
  • Catcha Beast
  • Elmo Live

There’s certainly a huge range of toys to choose from, but in these credit crunch days a few tips on saving money might not go amiss. Keen Christmas shoppers may also be interested in this article about the Top Toys in the USA. Good luck with the festive season, and most of all remember to have fun.

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