Best Girls’ Easter Tea Party Ideas: Childrens’ Fun Spring Holiday Afternoon Teatime Tips

Spring is the perfect time to plan and have a lovely garden-style Easter tea party for girlfiends, be they small children, pre-teens, teenagers, or adult ladies. With flowers blooming and butterflies in the air, what could be more wonderful than spending an afternoon sipping tea or lemonade and savoring delightful tea treats while chatting and laughing with dear friends.

Following are some food, decor, activities, and other ideas to consider for a charming holiday Easter tea party.

Decorations for Easter Spring Tea Parties

  • A flower-filled garden or park would make a charming spot for an Easter tea. If the weather is cool, a cosy corner inside will be very nice as well.
  • Pastels are perfect for Easter. A white, light pink, baby blue, lavendar or floral tablecloth with pastel accents is just right.
  • Floral garlands or twisted pastel crepe-paper garlands can be hung like a canopy over or around the dining table.
  • For a centerpiece, a low Easter basket lined with Easter grass can be filled with plastic or hard-boiled colored eggs, stuffed or chocolate bunnies, or spring flowers.
  • For cute placecards holders, little half-eggshell grass gardens (grown in advance) can be put in egg cups next to each setting. Gently place a lightly glittered namecard in among the blades of grass.
  • A quirky twist on a vase full of flowers, for decorating a side or entry table, is a cylindrical, tall, clear vase stuffed full of long, straight, bright orange carrots with healthy, full, green tops sticking out of the top.

Menu Ideas for an Easter Tea Party

  • When guests arrive, have fresh raw vegetables laid out on a pretty platter with homemade ranch dip available. Remember the carrots for Easter bunnies.
  • Beverages may include various hot teas and also pink and yellow lemonade (in glass pitchers, of course).
  • Some special additions for a spring holiday tea (and especially nice for children) are cool cucumber sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches. For fun, cut into Easter shapes with cookie cutters. Sandwiches without crusts are pretty and tempting for little fingers, and unique for all ages.
  • Along with above, consider a light Waldorf salad with pastel mini mashmallows.
  • For dessert, a yummy carrot cake fits the theme, especially with the traditional frosting formed decorative carrots on top.

Fun Activities to Do at an Easter Tea Party

  • Bake Easter-shaped sugar cookies (using cookie cutters in egg, cross, rabbit, or basket shapes, for instance) and pre-prepare decorating icing. Let guest decorate 5 to 10 cookies and let them dry during the party.
  • Before guests leave, package their cookies in cellophane bags tied with a bow. This makes a fun activity, a nice party favor, and a memory of the party fun to take home.
  • For children, a fun event is an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. Fill eggs with candy, little toys, and maybe a couple of special slightly larger “door prize” coupons.

Children’s Games for an Easter Party

  • Play an egg-on-a-spoon relay race.
  • Have a “guess how many jelly beans in the jar” contest.
  • Make a “pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny” game (use cotton balls for the tails, of course).

If children are involved in the planning of the party, they can be involved in the cooking, decorating, making of invitations, and other set-up activities.

If the party is for older girls or adults, pick the activities appropriate to the group, or just enjoy good food and good conversation.

By all means, remind guests to wear their favorite Easter bonnet or spring dress, if the party is to have a very special feel.

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