Art Supplies as Christmas Presents for Kids

Art projects can encourage children to be creative and independent, even at a young age. Kids go through a great deal of art materials, and enjoy receiving art supplies as holiday gifts. These Christmas presents for kids will further their love of making projects, while helping their parents by keeping them engaged.

It is important that art supplies for children are age appropriate. Children may become frustrated by a project that is too difficult, and parents may end up doing most of the work. Age appropriateness is also important for the child’s safety and to keep furniture, carpets and walls from being ruined.

Art Supplies as Christmas Presents for Kids Ages 12 Months and Up

It can be difficult to find art projects that the youngest children can safely and independently complete. Here are a few examples.

  • AquaDoodle Sets. Ages 2 and up. Approximate retail price: $15 and up. These set come with a mat, book or wall runner that children can write on. The best part is that the “marker” is filled and refilled by water for safe and mess free drawling. Can be used over and over after it dries each time.
  • Crayola TaDoodles First Crayons. Ages 12 months and up. Approximate retail price: $8. These crayons are easy for toddlers to grip, are washable to reduce mess and are non-toxic.

Holiday Gifts for Artistic Children Ages 3 and Up

Around age 3 kid’s desire to make art projects increases. These art supplies make great Christmas gifts for younger children.

  • Elmer’s Education KinderReady Eric Carle Art of Science. Ages 3 and up. Approximate retail price: $15. Children who enjoy Eric Carle books, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar will enjoy mixing colors and coloring the Carle inspired templates.
  • Melissa and Doug Stamp Sets. Ages 4 and up. Approximate retail price: $10. Each set comes with a washable, not toxic stamp pad and 8-10 wooded stampers. Choose from varies themes such as animals, friendship, vehicles and butterflies and hearts.

Art Supplies as Christmas Gifts for Kids Ages 6 and Up

These projects are more challenging and appropriate for school aged children.

  • Rose Art Pottery Wheel. Ages 6 and up. Approximate retail price: $15. Set comes with non-toxic clay, wheel and sculpting tools. Children can create their own bowls and vases.
  • Bead Jewelery Kits for Kids. Ages 6 or 8 and up. Approximate retail price: varies. Young girls can design and create their own jewelery.

Inspire the child who loves to create with these art supples and kits. Whatever the child’s age, there is an appropriate holiday present for an artistic child.

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