Animals At Sydney Easter Show: Ways to experience animals at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is at it’s heart an agricultural celebration with animals as the central theme. There are many ways you can experience livestock, domestic animals and horses at the show.


Competitors from all over rural and metropolitan areas enter farm, and domestic animals, in the prestigious Easter Show competitions.

The public are welcome to wander through the livestock sheds and also visit the caged domestic animals. It is a great opportunity to see fine animals up close and ask questions of the owners and handlers, who are usually more than willing to chat about their animals.

Grand Parade

The Grand parade offers visitors the opportunity to see the prize winning large animals on display.

Farmyard and Nursery

It is hard to resist a visit to the farmyard and animal nursery. The farmyard is set up to give visitors a feel for the rural lifestyle and the types of animals kept on farms. The animals are placid and well mannered and visitors have a chance to pat these wonderful creatures. The Animal Nursery houses baby animals of all kinds, mostly from the farm, but occasionally more domestic breeds are also displayed, like puppies, kittens and baby rabbits. Visitors can watch, and sometimes handle or feed the animals in this area.


During the show horses, horsemanship, showjumping and horse drawn vehicles are competing for prizes. These competitions are open to the public and offer both excitement and wonder at the power and beauty of these majestic beasts.

Sheep and Shearing

Shearing displays and competitions are great fun to watch as the dexterous shearer quickly clips a whole fleece without harming the sheep.

Cows and Dairy

A visit to the dairy area of the show will reward the visitor with hand and mechanical milking displays. It is very interesting to see where your milk really comes from.

Show Information


April 5th-April 18th 2017


The Sydney Royal Easter Show is held at the Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney Olympic Park.

Getting There

There is easy access to the Sydney Royal Easter Show by car or public transport. The show attracts many visitors and public transport is by far the easiest, fastest and least aggravating way to travel.

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