An Uncloudy Christmas: Review

“An Uncloudy Christmas” is not your everyday Christmas album, but instead seems to go for relational aspect of the holiday: friends, family, feelings. Which is not to say the Savior is knocked out of the material at all, far from it. But you’re not gonna find anything about three kings or Gloria excelsior on “Uncloudy,” so it actually fills a certain gap. I’m not always certain what all the Gloria songs are about anyway, to be completely honest with y’all.

Anyway… things get an oh-so-smooth start with the Stevie Wonder-flavored “The Savior Has Come,” Bryan Wilson and the House of Prayer band tying it all up tight on this gospel track. Dexter Comb’s deep bass vocals swing nicely through the doo wop track, “The Angels Watching Over Me,” the better of the two doo wop songs on the album. I liked the tender jazz guitar on Ann McCrary’s “Remember Not to Forget Jesus,” a timely reminder of the Reason for the season.

There are some great dance tracks on “Uncloudy,” songs that can be enjoyed on the dance floor or just as party backdrop: the techno-touched R& B groove of “Please Don’t Leave Me” by Pookie Hudson, the strong piercing vocals of Markas Nair on “A Lonely Christmas,” and Candi Station’s simmering blues slow drag, “On Christmas Night.” Producer Bil Carpenter offers two brief songs, including the closing title track, an acoustic spoken word blessing, his gritty vocals pronouncing peace on listeners. For something different, a smooooooooth Christmas project, pick up “An Uncloudy Christmas” at

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