8 Fun Easter Craft Ideas for Kids: Help Children Celebrate the Holidays With These Easy Projects

What better way to help kids have fun than to guide them through these fun projects for some Easter fun? Children can have fun and help out by helping to create nameplates, dessert or centerpieces for Easter dinner! Help make Easter morning more fun as they hunt for their own colored eggs or see that the Bunny ate the special treat they left for him!

Making Easter Morning Fun

The next best thing to waking up Christmas morning is waking up on Easter morning and seeing what gifts the Easter Bunny left! Parents can provide a memorable morning for children to remember years to come – by helping them through the following Easter morning activities!

  • Moms and Dads can continue the tradition of coloring Easter eggs and those who don’t want to color eggs or are short on time at home may benefit from using stickers to decorate their eggs. Better yet, hide store-bought plastic eggs filled with treats like bite-sized chocolates, jelly beans, coins and small trinkets!
  • Children can leave the Easter Bunny some cookies or a carrot and a card. Why should only Santa get goodies? Also making a basket to leave for the Bunny in hopes that he’ll fill it during the night is the perfect project for any caregiver to prepare for lively children.
  • What would Easter morning be without an Easter egg hunt? Hiding colored eggs (once they dry!) throughout the living room for children to find is sure to keep them engaged. Parents should just make sure to write a list of where eggs are hidden – No one wants a missing egg in their house!

School Projects for Easter

Teachers need fun and engaging projects that can be done in a short amount of time. These suggestions are perfect for quick and easy classroom activities. Parents will just love the projects their children bring home!

  • Teachers should supply children with folded sheets of construction or card paper and a variety of art materials such as crayons, markers, stickers and stencils. These pages can include pre-printed designs for students to color in or students can show their creativity by creating their own pictures and designs. Students make cards for family members and friends, writing personal messages inside of the folded card.
  • Making bunny ears or a bonnet out of felt/ construction paper and a headband will allow children to proudly wear their own creations. This excellent all-paper option by All Kids Network lets kids get more creative with fewer supplies by decorating the ears and band.

How Kids Can Help With Easter Dinner

Children can feel like they’re lending a helpful hand on Easter day by doing one of the following projects. Parents can take some of the pressure off of themselves by providing their children with these fun crafts.

  • Letting children create nameplate cards for the holiday dinner table can occupy their time while giving parents one less thing to worry about. One suggestion is to fold a wide strip of card stock paper in half to create a business card-sized standing card. Kids will decorate the place-cards with pictures, stickers and, if one should so dare, glitter. A great alternative is these paper cup placeholders made to look like bunnies.
  • Tissue Paper Flowers. Every kid loves making these! For families that have a children’s table at Easter dinner, this can serve as a great centerpiece for it and will make kids proud to have their work displayed!
  • Decorating cupcakes for Easter dessert can be a lot of fun! Coconut makes great rabbit fur and licorice string makes great whiskers! Getting creative with what’s around the house is easy for this one (like using jelly beans for eyes!).

Parents, caregivers and teachers can easily organize Easter crafts and projects that are fun, safe and easy for children of varying ages. The following projects are sure to make an engaging classroom experience and memorable Easter morning. Children can also help prepare for Easter dinner with fun activities that will keep them occupied and lend a helping hand!

Projects don’t have to take up much time and effort to still be fun, engaging and entertaining for children of many ages. Projects such as these allow children to be creative and they will be proud to show off their works of art to guests at their Easter dinner table! It’s never too early or late to create memories. These are some great ideas for parents and most are appropriate for teachers and counselors as well! Have any other ideas?

Please use caution when doing any crafts with children that require the use of scissors.

Discover the origins of this holiday and of the Easter Bunny, Basket and Egg Hunt!

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