5 Things NOT to Get Your Man for Christmas

With the thousands of gifts you could get your man you might think it’s impossible to go wrong, however there are a few gift idea’s that are just bad from the start. Here are 5 commonly used, and BAD Christmas gift idea’s for your significant other.

  1. A Snuggie – come on, are you serious? There are few things that take away your man’s sense of manhood like a snuggie. They might be soft or cuddly, but save this gift for your grandma not your significant other please.
  2. Ties, Ties, Ties – if your man is like most he already has more ties than he knows what to do with. Unless he hints or mentions a certain tie that he likes, don’t bother getting this common and predictable gift. Come on you can do better than this.
  3. Socks & Underwear – when these are actually considered as a gift it will be a sad day. Would you like socks and panties from Wal-Mart for your gift? While something from Victoria Secret might sound nice, they are way above the $5 for 5 pair price range and hardly a fair exchange of gifts. Unless you are mad at your man don’t get him this for Christmas.
  4. A Sweater – the sweater has been a gift that many men have received in their past Christmas’s. Whether it was the bright and colorful sweater from Grandma or the plaid one from their Auntie, men have been conditioned to smile and say thank you for these horrific gifts that they will never wear. Don’t be fooled by their smiles, nothing sends a disappointing chill down the spine of a man like a sweater.
  5. The Mangroomer – while a good idea for men who have excess body hair on their back and other areas they cannot reach, the Mangroomer is not the best idea for a gift. It might be good that he no longer has to have you shave his back, but I highly doubt that he wants everyone around the tree Christmas to know that he has more hair than a grizzly. Be nice and don’t embarrass him.

So what should you get your man? Something unique and something that he does not already have is a great start. Programs like Beer of the Month Club that sends him 12 unique and high quality beers from all over the world make great gifts. While this gift might seem a bit costly, it will pretty much guarantee that your significant other will appreciate your thoughtfulness and think that you are the coolest girl in the world. Other gifts such as a men’s urban necklace are also hot gifts for him this year and are very unique if he likes to wear such items. Whatever you choose to get him just make sure to spend a small amount of time and get him something different than the last 5 Christmases, and remember no socks or underwear.

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