Easter: The Modern Twist on a Religious Festival

Easter is time for new growth. It signals a time for life, growth of plants and awakening of animals after a winter of hibernation and darkness. The time of year which, for a large proportion of the world, marks the beginning of lighter and longer days as the seasons shift towards the warmer summer days. […]

A Natural Easter: Your Guide to an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Are you looking for clean, safe and environmentally responsible ways to celebrate Easter? Then consider some of these ideas as you make your holiday plans: Buy the greenest eggs you can. No, not pre-colored eggs, but the most sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free eggs you can find. The ideal egg would come from a local farmer […]

Creepy Things That Actually Happened On Halloween

Each year on October 13, certain countries celebrate Halloween. While initially the holiday involved people dressing in costumes to ward off ghosts, these last decade has seen its commercialization to include such activities as trick-or-treating, festive gatherings with everyone properly dressed in costume, and carving jack-o-lanterns. These days, adults and children alike look forward to […]